Ginseng 人蔘 or Jen Singh… Rouge River or Rogue River?

Kayaking on the Rogue River MI 3Did you have a happy Fathers’ Day yesterday? Joel's 25th Birthday PartyThe celebration of our youngest’s 25th birthday, known around these parts as 25 Dollar coins“Quarter of a Century WOL” (Joel)Opening Birthday Presents fell on Fathers’ Day this year, so we had all sorts of fun, Happy Father's Dayincluding an afternoon with Brianna and Dan the Fan Man (from his baby days), Dan and Sam looking at Fanaccompanied by Sam the Fan Man Elephant Child with 'satiable curiosity(Dan’s “Elephant Child,” who has his father’s ‘satiable curiosities)
for dinner after church, swimming and boating in the lake,Forget-me-nots and rushes along the Rogue River MIand blissfully topped off by Stephen’s arrival from Rochester for a week’s vacay. Beautiful Table setting for wedding dinnerAll in all, I’d say it was a fantabulous weekend, The happy wedding couplestarting out with the wedding celebration of Sudeep and
Ginseng (aka Jen Singh, but the names sound just the same), Launching on Rogue River tripand a wonderful canoe trip down the Rogue River. Kayaks on Rogue River MIJust in case you live in the GR area Reflections on the Rogue River MIand haven’t spent a couple of hours canoeing down the Rogue River yet,Dragon Fly on Rogue River trip I have to say, it is a really great experience.
(This dragon fly caught a ride on my knee!) Bridge on the Rogue River MIWe rented a canoe and a kayak from AAA Canoe Rental in Rockford Great Blue Heron on Rogue River MIand had an outstanding time, Trees overhanging the Rogue River MIbut if you’re on a limited budget Geese and goslings on shore on the Rogue River MI(as we were all the years our brood of seven were growing up), Turtle on the Rogue River MIyou can also just float down the river one of the old-fashioned ways,Group of kayakers on the Rogue River MI on inner tubes, rafts, or whatever you have on hand… Home on the Rogue River MIthe way we used to float down the Huron River when we lived in Ann Arbor.Tiny Waterfall on the Rogue River MIThe Rogue River is short and sweet, Fisherman on the Rogue River MIbut cool enough to attract trout fishermen. Trees overhanging river on the Rogue River MIIt flows gently for 48 miles from Rice Lake to the Grand River, Dam on the Rogue River MIand ends (for rafting purposes) at the Rockford Dam Waterfall in Rockord on the Rogue River MI—which makes a fantastic lunch spot— Lunch at Ramona's Table in Rockford on the Rogue River MIeither for picnicking or for restauranting! Biking on White Pine Trail beside the Rogue River MIThe Rogue River is intertwined with the White Pine Trail at times
(great for biking and hiking),Ferns along banks on the Rogue River MI and last weekend the banks were edged with ferns Forget-me-nots on the Rogue River MIgraced at times with forget-me-nots, Wild Irises on the Rogue River MIwild roses, and wild irises. Canoeing on the Rogue River MIIt was about 90° out, Soothing Greens on the Rogue River MIbut the river was shady and cool… Kayaking on the Rogue River MIperfect weather for comfy paddling! Shallow water on the Rogue River MIAlthough the river is typically just 1-4 feet deep, Some parts of river are deeper on the Rogue River MIthere are deeper areas and holes up to 15-feet deep,Swans and geese on the Rogue River MIso little guys and non-swimmers should definitely wear life jackets, Leisurely kayak ride on the Rogue River MIbut those of us long used to water sports found it the perfect way
to spend an unencumbered, celebratory summer morning. Kayaking under low-hanging trees on the Rogue River MIWhile we were paddling down the river,

Family at Dam in Rockford on the Rogue River MI I had names on the brain, because I was still smiling over the fact that my dear friend’s daughter had just given up her maiden name and now bears a name that sounds for all the world like “ginseng,” which I think is wonderful because of all the positive and healing associations with that lovely herb!

White Pine Trail beside the Rogue River MIThe Rogue River, on the other hand, got cheated, wouldn’t you say?? 😦Canoeing on the Rogue River MI 1It was originally named the Rouge River, but a Wisconsin mapmaker
muffed the spelling nearly 200 years ago, transposing the “u” and “g,”
Beach at end of Canoe Rentals in Rockfordand the new name stuck. Glorious Greens on the Rogue River MIFunny how such small changes, like transposed letters,
can make such a big difference in meaning! Water dripping off paddle on the Rogue River MIRouge is French for red in English,Shallow Bottom on the Rogue River MIbut “Rogue” conjures up images of something shallow,
untrustworthy, and deceptive! Mother of the Bride and KathiJen’s maiden name means “blessed”
and is rooted in the order of the Benedictine monks. Wedding CakeTo go from “blessed” to a “healing” seems fine, On the Rogue River MIbut to go from “rouge” (blushing, healthy…the picture of youthful goodness)Huge maples overhanging the Rogue River MIto “rogue” (vagabond) seems like a bad deal to me!

St. CecilaiDid you know that God offers each of us a new name? How do you feel about yourself? Would you like a new name? A new start? God wants all of us to be his children and take on His name…a name that will bring out the very best in each of us! Do you have your new name yet?Alan and Kathi at WeddingAs many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God” (John 1:12-13).  Bridal Flowers at Jen's WeddingHe that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knows saving he that receives it” (Revelation 2:17).

(All photos taken last weekend in our home, at the wedding, and along the Rogue River.)

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