Rise Up, My Love (188): When Your Beloved Leaves

Full Moon Seen through bramblesSong of Solomon 6:1 “Whither is thy beloved gone, O thou fairest among women? Whither is thy beloved turned aside? that we may seek him with thee.” “Whither is thy beloved gone?” That is a logical question. If he means so much to you, you must know where he went. How could you have lost track of him completely? Has this ever happened before? Where does your husband usually go when he leaves? Have you ever lost track of your husband at night? One such experience stands out vividly in my memory. It was early into the beginning of my husband’s solo medical practice. He only had one support person, who served as secretary, receptionist, nurse, and accountant, and between the two of them, they had to do everything that there was to do at his office. So, Alan was left at night to do all the clean up and paper work, and his last duty was to drop off any money that came in at the bank’s night deposit box. I always felt a little uncomfortable with his stopping at the bank each night, fearing that someone might notice and try to rob him. One night Alan called to say that he had to go to a meeting at the hospital and would be late. That was not uncommon, so I was disappointed but not unduly worried until after I’d put our four young children to bed for the night and found it was 11:00 p.m. and he still wasn’t home. I called his office, but there was no response. I tried to page him at the hospital, but he didn’t respond there either. By 11:30 p.m. I was fearing the worst, but I couldn’t leave the children alone. Finally, near tears, I called our next-door neighbors, who were old enough to be our parents and had become good friends. The husband asked me all the right questions…has this ever happened before? No! Where does he usually go? We discussed Alan’s normal patterns, and then my neighbor took off in his car to try to track Alan down. I waited on pins and needles. My neighbor was gone for an hour but could find no trace of him. I was about ready to call the police when Alan showed up…just fine and wondering why I wasn’t sound asleep. As it turned out, he’d returned to the office to do paper work after the meeting at the hospital and then had been called back to the hospital for an emergency admission for one of his patients. He hadn’t called to tell me because he was afraid I’d already be asleep and didn’t want to wake me.

He had no idea of the anxiety he’d caused! Thankfully, that was the first and last time he stayed out into the middle of the night without calling to let me know what had happened! Solomon probably could not have guessed the anguish in his wife’s heart as she searched for him. She had been lazy and careless…so slow to answer that he’d left without ever knowing she was even going to bother to get up and let him in. Where would he go? How could she guess? Where would your husband go if you locked him out? Where would you go if your husband refused to let you in the house at night?

I shudder to think of the foolish rebellion and sin that many fall into because their spouses refuse to forgive and forget…to go the extra mile…to give and receive love even when there’s stress and tension in the relationship. Where would you go? Where should you go? There’s only one right answer, and that’s to the arms of Jesus, the lover of our souls. No matter how we long to run to the arms of another human being, we must learn to run first— always and only—to the arms of God.

We are first and foremost his children and his bride. In an ultimate sense, we belong to no other. No matter who fails us, or how they fail us, we have no right to run to the arms of some other sympathetic person, no matter how wonderful or how understanding that person might be. So many of life’s tragedies could be avoided if we human beings would learn to run to the right arms. “The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee” (Deuteronomy 33:27). May we memorize that verse until it burns into our hearts. The next time sorrow rips through your soul like a jagged streak of lightning, visualize yourself running to the arms of Jesus, comforted and secure in his embrace.

4 thoughts on “Rise Up, My Love (188): When Your Beloved Leaves

  1. Loved your entry especially about how you felt when your husband didn’t come home. Sorry you had to go through that. You had it right that she should have opened the door sooner. It is an illustration of Christ’s love to us. When He calls us to something that we may not want to do then His felt presence may go. We may look for Him but not find Him. Here is how she found Him in that portion of Scripture. Lost him in Song of Songs 5:2-3, then search for Him, things get worse and worse, Friends ask him where is He in 6:1 they ask her why is He so wonderful. She answers in 5:10-16 and in so thinking about Solomon she is reminded that she will find Him if she humbles herself in 6:2 by going “down” to His garden. Even in the absence of Christs joyful felt presence Christ is still looking for fruit in our life in the garden. There we will find Him again. After much painful seeking, then high and right thoughts of Christ will humble us and we produce fruit out of love to Him and He will soon be supping with us again.

    1. So true, and so beautifully written! Thank you for sharing these precious truths! You look young to have such profound insights. Did you learn all this simply through meditating on the Song of Solomon? I spent 10 years praying, meditating, and studying as I wrote through this book. I’d love to hear a little of your story too! Blessings, Kathi

      1. Yes, young but I have been through a lot. Abused as a child, my family forsook me when I got saved, I have lost jobs, persecution purifies the heart. Praise the Lord for His Goodness and Love it endures forever. and not simply meditating. But meditating with the intention to obey. Fasting, praying and intentionally denying yourself is helpful. Insight comes from doing Psalm 119:99-100. I have spent the last 15 years memorizing and meditating on it all the time. It has been my passion ever since the first day I read it. It always fires up my love for Christ! It empowers me to deny sin and value Christ and His Love more than anything else. This is where I am happiest. I have read over 40 commentaries on it. Here is what you do. Pretend you are the girl. Think and feel what she is thinking and feeling! Commune with the Word/words. You could start by reading the “babe phase” on my site. Many people don’t get the Song, it looks like you do. If you have a burning desire for a closer relationship with God through Christ then the Song is where you need to be. God has blessed me far beyond what I deserve. There is so much there. I have spend many days and sometime all night in it. I can’t sleep sometimes it is soooo good. “Read the babe phase” on my site. Keep asking to experience God’s Love as she did in Song 1:2-4. Keep asking all day for God to reveal His love to you. Ask God, “Let me experience Your love over and over again, and when you are blessed ask for more and closer and greater manifestations of Love!! Our God is a Great God of Love, He has Love in overflowing amounts ready to give you, if you only hunger for and ask for it. He will give His children good gifts. Keep asking!! And when you are reading or praying or meditating and things are as sweet as can be then ask for even more!! This is what she does in Song 2:4-6. Read the Babe Phase https://solomonssongofsongs.com/2016/05/18/basics-of-the-babe-phase/
        Then get back to me, I will be praying for you. For your hunger and desire for a closer more intimate relationship with God and for Him to shed abroad His Love in your heart beyond understanding and with a joy inexpressible and full of Glory!!

      2. Thanks for sharing more of your story and these thoughts. So sorry for all the pain you’ve endured. But, as you say, it is true that pain is often what causes us to seek God and brings us into a passionate relationship with Jesus. I also enjoyed reading your link, and perhaps others will appreciate it too!

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