Rise Up, My Love (184): The Mouth of Our Beloved

Orange GladiolaSong of Solomon 5:16 “His mouth is most sweet.” Eskimos may rub noses, and in some cultures lovers may flutter their eyelashes together, but sooner or later all lovers kiss! There is just something irresistible about the mouth of the one you love. After the bride extols the beauty of her husband from head to toe, she returns to gaze—and praise—that which is the sweetest of all: his mouth. Pastries at Princess Tea Party 4.8.15It is as if she were savoring exquisite pastries, tasting here and there…the smoothness of the custard filling, the tang of fruit, the tenderness of the sponge cake…but saving the very best—the dark chocolatey frosting— for last! Have you ever watched two people who are in love…or perhaps you’re in love right now…or remember the longing you first felt for your mate before you married. You drink in his eyes, but after you’re satisfied that love is written there, your eyes begin to wander. You soak up his smile, his countenance, his hair and cheek lines. When you’re sitting across the table, you find yourself studying his hands and the shape of his finger nails, and when he’s standing you notice his build and the manly way he walks and carries himself. But, sooner or later, as you are more and more attracted to him, you find yourself drawn to his mouth. At first you’re just so intent on what he’s saying that you study his mouth to make sure you don’t miss the slightest word or intonation. But then, all of a sudden, you realize that you’re noticing the lip line…the color, the shape, the fullness and suppleness…pretty soon you can hardly keep your eyes off his lips. You just wish he’d stop talking…or maybe he already has. Your eyes meet, your heart stops, your cheeks turn to flame, you’re drawn irresistibly together… For almost every girl who ever lived it’s the moment she’s been waiting for—that wonderful kiss by Prince Charming that wakens her (who’s been a Sleeping Beauty) from her loveless sleep. White Pink OrchidAnd it’s no wonder, for in a very real sense, it is often the first kiss that awakens the dreamy-eyed daughter of Eve to passion. For centuries, the first kiss was to be reserved for the altar…or at least as part of accepting a marriage proposal. How kissing has become such a carelessly given and thoughtlessly abused part of society is beyond me, because it is like taking precious pearls and throwing them in the mud. Pearls set in SilverPearls were meant to be treasured and framed by silver clasps… enjoyed singly…or strung together by the golden chains of love. But, true pearls, like true love, are extremely costly. You might give a cheap string of imitation pearl beads to a casual friend, but you would give a string of shining, genuine pearls only to someone you felt you would love forever. Don’t give away—or accept—cheap imitations. What’s the difference between a plastic bead and a gleaming pearl? The plastic bead is made quickly and cheaply. The pearl develops over years of patient endurance…waiting, watching, exercising longsuffering love. The true pearl is mature, godly love. The next time you consider kissing someone, ask yourself, “Is this person offering me a pearl, or a bead? Am I offering this person a pearl, or a bead?” “But I’m so tired of waiting,” I hear people lament…faithful Christians whose hearts ache and long for someone with whom to share genuine love. Have you ever heard the story about the little girl who had a string of beads she loved? One day, after her father returned from a long business trip, he sat her on his lap by the fireplace and asked her if she would be willing to let him have her beads. Because she loved him so dearly, she nodded soberly and placed them in his hands. In a flash, he threw them into the fire. The little girl shrieked in agony, thinking he had destroyed her most prized possession, but then her father pulled a lovely little velvet box out of his pocket and gave it to her. Set of PearlsTo her utter amazement and joy, the box contained a string of glowing pearls. Are we willing to give our beads to the Lord? Are we willing to wait for him to give us genuine pearls? Truly, he himself is the Pearl of greatest price. Are we willing to gaze into his eyes of love and study his mouth until we discover that “his mouth is most sweet”? There is none sweeter!

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