Best B’n’B in the Bay Moves to Rossmoor

San Francisco BayFor the past 45 years, whenever I’d visit San Francisco, Out for breakfast at Millie's in Walnut Creekmy favorite place to stay was with Rob and Nancy, my brother and sister-in-law.  Apple Corp. Offices on Bubb Road. Silicon ValleyThey had a beautiful home in Silicon Valley’s Apple Country (Cupertino), Home in Cupertino. CAand besides having one of the most idyllic “B’n’B” settings around,
their cooking and hospitality were always superb.  🙂Front DoorSo, you can imagine I was especially sad when I heard they’d sold their home
and moved to a condo in “Rossmoor” (which I’d never heard of before)Visiting Family…until we went to visit a couple of weeks ago! Dinner at The Peasant and the PearIn their mid 70’s but both very vigorous, Nan told me they looked everywhere Paintings in Rossmoor, CAfor a residence where the emphasis is on living, not dying, and they’ve found it! Rossmoor. Walnut CreekRossmoor is an award-winning, nationally recognized “active” community
Backyard pond and geese Rossmoor, CA in the Bay area for residents who are 55+. Rossmoor in Walnut CreekIt’s a gated community, so even though there are nearly 10,000 residents Fountains in Rossmoor, CAin their expansive, 1,800-acre setting, it feels like living in a park…or at a resort!  Geese on golf course by RLW Rossmoor. Walnut CreekAmenities include two NCGA-rated golf courses, indoor and outdoor pools, Stream running through Rossmoor, CAa fitness complex, six tennis courts, hiking trails, lawn bowling greens,Gateway Clubhouse Rossmoor, CA bocce courts, table tennis…and on and on! Woodworking shop Rossmoor in Walnut CreekThere are workshops for woodworking, making jewelry, Craft room Rossmoor in Walnut Creekpottery, and all sorts of crafts. Bulletin Board. Rossmoor, CAThere are more cultural opportunities in their music hall and theater
than any one person could possibly attend.Jewelry-making shop. Rossmoor. Walnut Creek There are clubs for ever so many interests—for reading, bridge, photography, etc. Photography Club. Rossmoor, CA(my brother Rob suggested this title for their latest photo gallery collection), Lamp shaped like a man Rossmoor, CAand probably anything else you can think of or want to organize!Outdoor gathering area Rossmoor, CA(There was a Bible study going on in one of the rooms the morning we visited.)Classroom in Rossmoor, CA You can take classes or teach classes, Paintings for sale. Rossmoor, CAadmire paintings or sell your own paintings. Carrot Cake extraordinaireI’ve heard the restaurants are good, Strawberry Cheesecakealthough there’s also gourmet dining close by in Walnut Creek. Seals at Pier 39Also,  if you’re looking for something special that you can’t find “at home,” Grounds of Rossmoor, CARossmoor is only 26 miles east of San Francisco! Deer in Crimson Leaves by Rob LW Rossmoor. Walnut CreekFinally, the weather is splendid pretty much year around! AlcatrazSo, if you’re looking for a place to really live in your retirement, think Rossmoor.
(Definitely beats some of the historic options…)  Homes in RossmoorNow, Alan and I doubtless couldn’t afford to live at Rossmoor, Decor in theater. Rossmoor, CAand perhaps you couldn’t either, but like Rob and Nancy, I believe we can all choose to put the emphasis on life rather than death, even after we retire. Rossmoor, CA Lamp shaped like a womanWe don’t have to live in gourmet surroundings to live an abundant life! Flourless Chocolate TorteEvery community has ample resources and opportunities
for learning, growing, and serving—for living an abundant, fruitful life. Creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunchI’ve always been inspired by Rob and Nan, and I hope that as Alan and I age, Two turkeys. Rossmoor in Walnut Creekwe continue to focus on living active, full lives. Turkey preeningAfter all, isn’t that what God wants for each one of us?? Scottish TerrierJPG“Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits”
(Psalm 103:1).

(The photos of the geese on the golf course and the deer near the pond were taken at Rossmoor last autumn by my brother. The rest are mine.)


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