The Week, and What a Week!

Fun at Disney with 4 or 3 caballerosWell, I hadn’t planned to write about spring break as “What a week!”,
but it really was. Sunset on Bay LakeOn the way home, Alan said it was one of the most restful vacations
he’s ever had, but here’s why this is so striking to me:
It was totally not what we’d planned! Alan and Kathi waiting for new Disney Shorts PresentationWe’d planned a break “for just the two of us” so we could really relax,
but we ended up with three extra  customers!

Mission to MarsOur two youngest and their best friend had planned a ski trip in upstate New York for their spring break, but this year’s balmy El Nino weather totally shut down any hope of March madness skiing in the mountains, so we bought an extra six-man tent, and they flew down to join us for a week of fun in the sun at Fort Wilderness instead. Walking the trail to the Fort Wilderness LodgeFrom a perfectly selfish point of view, you might imagine that doing whatever you jolly well please for a week would be more refreshing than engaging with three 20-somethings, Mickey Mouse in Pine Conesbut what we took on in an effort to love our kids turned out to be a totally wonderful week of joy and happiness, proving once again that God’s ways are the best, and he multiplies our joys as we share love with others!

Picnic Dinner at Fort Wilderness CampgroundNow, I have to admit that the addition of three fully mature,
exceptionally wonderful young adults 3-D show at Epcotwould not require near the energy outlay of taking on an entire family. Fort Wilderness  Doubtless it helped to have perfect weather…warm and sunny every day. EPCOT Home and Garden ShowEPCOT’s home and garden show was spectacularly beautiful,
and the guys did their own thing a lot, so we had ample freedom. Grilling burgers at Fort Wilderness Campground            But, I still believe the principle holds: Sharing love multiplies joy. Wild Turkey at Fort Wilderness CampgroundIf you’re wondering about doing something just for yourself next vacation, Epcot Fireworksor you have the option of doing something that might bless others also,
please consider sharing the love! 🙂 Waffles for Breakfast at Fort Wilderness“Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes.”
(Isaiah 54:2)


3 responses to “The Week, and What a Week!

  1. Charylene Powers

    This post speaks of truth – as our family has changed in many ways and we are embracing the “sharing of love” our joy has most certainly multiplied. Your post confirms our reality. Blessings to you and your family.

    • Yes, you are an unusual (amazing) example of sharing love through extremely trying circumstances! What a blessing you are, and I’m glad to hear that your experience of reaching out in spite of grief has borne similarly sweet fruit. So often what brings peace and healing is the opposite of what we’d imagine, isn’t it? God’s ways are higher than ours!

  2. Charylene Powers

    I know I have said this before – God has used you and your blog to bring me peace and healing this past year – thank you for being so faithful to your ministry.

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