Saving the Best ‘Til Last…and Missing Out

Fish Tacos at Merriman's on the Big IslandHave you ever made the mistake of saving the best until last, but then missing out? All week Alan and I had been looking forward to eating at T.J.’s BBQ by the Beach in Kona, reputed to be the best place to eat on the Big Island. However, we decided to eat there before flying home, since it wasn’t that far from the airport and we didn’t have other reasons for going to Kona this trip.Lobster Salad at Merriman's on the Big Island We did make it to Merriman’s, which some say is the best, and even though the atmosphere was very relaxed—(welcome to Hawaii)—the food was truly memorable and gourmet: Fish tacos and arugula salad with lobster ta da ta da ta da. It was great. T.J.'s BBQ by the BeachStill, we were practically drooling as we awaited the legendary BBQ ribs at T.J’s. Alas, the traffic was awful, and we sadly realized just about the time we arrived that we might miss the flight if we actually stayed for lunch.  So, we reluctantly headed back north to the airport on Highway 19 and totally missed out on our succulent lunch!   😦Eating peanutes at the Kona International AirportWe intended to grab a quick bite at the airport, but the wait staff decided to quit serving lunch early that day—(welcome to Hawaii), and we had to content ourselves by munching a few peanuts instead.

When Alan was a little boy, he said he always knew the gospel but didn’t want to miss out on any fun along the way, and so he decided to wait until he was “old” to become a Christian. By the time he was finishing college, he realized that he’d actually missed out on “the best” already by waiting too long. Thankfully, he turned around and made it to the “airport” in time, but he never got that #1 all-time wonderful life he might have had. How about you? Are you waiting to respond to Christ at some more convenient time? Don’t wait. You may think you’re just putting it off until last minute so you don’t miss any fun along the way, but in fact, you may miss out on the very best. However, I will say that chocolate-covered peanuts are better than missing out altogether, so there’s still time! Ready to turn around and head back to the airport?

“For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: ‘In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.’ But you would not…” (Isaiah 30:15).

2 responses to “Saving the Best ‘Til Last…and Missing Out

  1. Wow! So much “meat” in this message! Thank you Kathryn! I also thought of the wine at the wedding where the usual way was to serve the best wine first and at the end of the evening the cheaper stuff, but with Jesus he turned the water into wine and it was the BEST wine at the end! “The first shall be last and the last shall be first!” So many paradoxes to wrap our mind around! Only by accessing Christ’s Mind, hidden in our secret heart, can we begin to understand the mystery revealed by Jesus: Christ in us, the hope of glory! God bless you!

    • Beautiful thoughts. Thanks for adding the insights from Jesus’s making the least into the best as well. Blessings from our Father upon you!

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