Hawaiian Petroglyphs: What? And Where the Hay are They?

Petroglyph field near WaikoloaOne morning while Alan was at a conference in Hawaii, I determined to track down the illusive petroglyphs, “National Treasures”…  “enigma of the Pacific.” The Kings' Shops. WaikoloaThey were rumored to be not far from our hotel in Waikoloa, and I’d seen a small sign posting by the Kings’ Shops, so I drove to the back of the mall, Fish pond by King's Shops. Waikoloaparked beside the gas station, and headed out  Golf course next to Petroglyph field near Waikoloaalong a beautifully manicured trail, In serach of Petroglyph field near Waikoloawondering if this could possibly be the right way to find these ancient treasures which were thought to have been etched into stone over a millennium ago  Waikoloa Petroglyph Fieldby native Hawaiians
(who were thought to have arrived from Marquesas Islands as early as 750 AD). Loooking for Hawaiian petroglyphs. WaikoloaOne of the confusing aspects of trying to find the right path
is knowing the right name and just exactly where it is you want to go. Hawaiian petroglyphs. WaikoloaFor instance, I thought it was supposed to be called
the “Anaehoomalu Petroglyph Field,” but there were no signs by that name. Rough Trail Sign I’d read variously that the trail leading to the petroglyphs was called:
Kiholo Puako Trail, “Ala Kahakai Trail,” and “Mamalahoa Trail.” Lava Cave collapses near WaikoloaMost sources also said it was called “The Kings’ Trail,” so I went with that. (Besides, I have trouble pronouncing Hawaiian names correctly.) The King's Trail Hawaiian petroglyphs. Waikoloa(If you go, this 32-mile royal road is a little rough, so take good walking shoes!)Shopping in WaikoloaHowever, Hawaiians didn’t seem to recognize the name “King’s Trail,” Homes along trail to Waikoloa Petroglyph Fieldsand tourists had no clue what I was talking about! I stopped everybody I sawWhere is the Petroglyph field near Waikoloa?(which was precious few people early in the morning), Proximity of Golf Course and Petroglyph field near Waikoloabut most of them were cheery tourists heading for the golf course who’s never heard of the “King’s Trail” …or “petroglyphs” either, for that matter!Fish pond.They just looked at me curiously, like I was a misguided Indiana Jones who shouldn’t be walking on a paved path running between condos and a golf course
(which— of course—had crossed my mind too). Kapu. Stay out! Hawaiian petroglyphs. WaikoloaIn truth, I’m not sure Hawaiians really want people to find their sacred trail.
(In case you can’t read Hawaiian,”Kapu” means “Forbidden.”) Petroglyph field near Waikoloa 9Now, if you’re in the same golf cart with most tourists, the word “petroglyph”  Petroglyph field near Waikoloacomes from two Greek words: “petros” for rock, and “glyphein” to carve. Petroglyph field near Waikoloa 3There are petroglyphs on every inhabited continent in our world, including Hawaii, which has the largest concentration of petroglyphs in the Pacific. Petroglyph field near Waikoloa 4Hawaiians call this form of rock art k’i’i pohaku, which means “images in stone,” Thousands of petroglyphs. Petroglyph field near Waikoloaand most of the more than  23,000
(some say 30,000, but I’m not sure who’s counting) Lava. Hawaiian petroglyphs. Waikoloaimages on the Big Island have been carved into the surface of volcanic rocks Pahoehoe Lava Hawaiian petroglyphs. Waikoloaknown as “pahoehoe” lava (which has ropey, corrugated surfaces). A'A lava. Hawaiian petroglyphs. WaikoloaThe largest petroglyph fields on the Big Island are at
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the east side of the island, Petroglyph field near Waikoloa 1and the Puako Petroglyph Archaeological District on the Kohala (western) coast. Bougainvillea. HawaiiHowever, I was theoretically living next door to #3,Golf course by Waikoloa Petroglyph field so that’s what I was going for—if I could find it! Near the beginning of Petroglyph field near WaikoloaWell, after wandering about for a bit, I did wander onto the right path, Waikoloa Petroglyph Preserveand after all was said and done, I had a marvelous time observing and learning. Figurines in Petroglyph field near WaikoloaThere are over 3,000 distinctive carvings and letters found in the petroglyphs, Symbols etched in stone Petroglyph field near Waikoloaand although their specific meanings can only be conjectured, Rock Shelters. Hawaiian petroglyphs. Waikoloait is known that many people slept in caves along the road as they traveled, C-shaped rock shelter at Petroglyph Fieldso…were the drawings simply graffiti, or did they have deep significance?Petroglyph field near Waikoloa 5A large percentage of the markings are cupules (holes),
thought to be used as depositories for umbilical cords of newborns
as part of a rite to insure long life and “mana” (power) for the child.Petroglyph field near Waikoloa 6Although the oldest petroglyphs are dated back over a thousand years, Petroglyph field near Waikoloa 8apparently the rock carvings continued well into the 1800’s. Petroglyph field near Waikoloa 7Today the petroglyphs are considered sacred, carefully preserved and protected. In some ways, the petroglyphs remind me of the scriptures. King's Trail through Petroglyph field near WaikoloaMany people are totally oblivious of the Bible’s existence or message,
even though they’re living, working, and playing right next to it every day! Wall around Petroglyphs in WaikoloaLike my search for the petroglyphs, some may be searching for Wisdom but don’t know it by the right name or how to get around all the barriers to find a way in.Petroglyph field near Waikoloa 2If they do happen to stumble upon one of the texts, they can’t interpret it, Hawaiian petroglyphs. Waikoloa 12or the meaning seems obscure and hard to see. Group tour. Petroglyph field near WaikoloaLater I discovered there was a free tour; I just missed it because I didn’t know! Similarly, if you can find one, a good church will help you learn about the Bible.Waikoloa Petroglyphs in lava
“And you will seek Me, and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13, NKJV).






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  1. Charylene Powers

    Love the post, the pictures and Jeremiah 29:13

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