Trying to Capture the Grandeur: Hawaiian Waterfalls

Waihilau Falls in the Waimanu Valley. HawaiiI really believe much of the reason Hawaii is called “The Pearl of the Pacific” Waimea Valley 2 is because of their incredibly lush valleys Waterfalls off Coast of Big Island Hawaiiand seemingly countless named and unnamed gorgeous waterfalls! 4 Waterfalls off Coast of Big Island Hawaii (Seriously! There are still many unnamed waterfalls, 2 Waterfalls off Coast of Big Island Hawaiiand if anybody knows the tally of total falls, please let me know, will you?) Waterfalls off Coast of Big Island Hawaii 6 Half a dozen of Hawaii’s waterfalls rank among the world’s tallest, Upside Downy Helicopter Ride Molokai’s Olo’upena Falls being the fourth highest in the world, Waihilau Falls in the Waimanu Valley. Hawaii 3and (as I would discover), the Big Island’s Waihilau Falls is the 13th. Akaka Falls copyI innocently asked our pilot if we’d be flying over *Akaka or Rainbow Falls, Waterfalls off Coast of Big Island Hawaii 8 but he just rolled his eyes knowingly and smiled.Helicopter Pilot above Waterfalls in Hawaii “Kathi, the falls I’m going to show you will make Akaka look like a tinker toy.”Blue Hawaiian Waterfall Tour on the Big Island 2 He was so right!Waterfalls in Hawaii 3Waihilau Falls in the Waimanu Valley is 2,598 ft. high and is composed Waihilau Falls in the Waimanu Valley. Hawaii 2 of three silvery threads of white water cascading down the western headwall Big Island Waterfallsof one of the amphitheaters formed by the Kohala Volcano. Waimanu Valley. HawaiiIn the same valley, there are three other waterfalls that are each over 1,000 ft high: Wai’ilikahi Falls, Kakaauki Falls, and Lahomene Falls.Waihilau Falls. HawaiiIf Waimanu Valley weren’t almost impossibly difficult to reach Blue Hawaiian Waterfall Tour on the Big Islandby anything but helicopter, I’m sure it would be a world-famous site.Waimea Valley Looking toward Pacific (It’s an arduous 9-mile one-way hike from Waipio Valley to Waimanu Valley, Waimea Valleyand right now no one is even allowed in Waipio Valley because of Dengue Fever.)Waihilau Falls. Hawaii. 2That’s why I wanted so much to be able to share my experience with you. Valley below waterfall on Big IslandHowever, it was really hard to take good photographs! There was window glare, Waterfalls in Hawaiia distressing amount of vog and general haze that faded the vibrant colors, Hawaiian Waterfalls tipping overdive bombs at weird angles, helicopter chop and camera shakeBlue Hawaiian Waterfall Tour on the Big Island 3as the world turned Alan flying over ocean in helicopterand Alan’s stomach churned!
(This picture was taken earlier, while Alan was still holding his own.) Waterfalls off Coast of Big Island Hawaii 13Despite taking hundreds of pictures and spending days
trying to clear and clean them up for you, Waimea FallsI am very disappointed that my best efforts can give you only a dim, dull, flawed and blurry  representation of the grandeur I experienced and know exists. Fields of Macadamia Nut TreesBut then, I realized what the Lord really wanted me to share with you. Waterfalls off Coast of Big Island Hawaii 2Even the most phenomenal experiences in this life Waterfalls off Coast of Big Island Hawaii 11are as but nothing compared to what God has prepared for us in heaven. Eastern Coastal Plain Hawaii Big IslandWe read about what it’s like to know God in the Bible, Waterfalls on Hawaiibut our experience of his presence and glory is clouded by the world’s hazeWaterfalls off Coast of Big Island Hawaii 14 Brown and muddied by our own impurities.Waterfall behind highway. Big IslandOur life is so challenging that we often fail to experience his grandeur as we pass. Hilo. Big IslandIn fact, we will never see God’s beauty with perfect clarity Regrowth after volcano on Hawaii's Big Islanduntil that future day when God redeems all things and makes the world anew!

Landscape on Hawaii's Big Island Aerial View“But until then, my heart will go on singing,
Until then, with joy I’ll carry on,
Until the day my eyes behold the city,
Until the day God calls me home.”
(—Stuart Hamblen)Western coastal plain. Big Island“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known” (1 Corinthians 13:12).

(*Photo of Akaka Falls used by permission of my daughter-in-law, Brianna. I took the rest during our Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour of the Big Island in January, 2016.)

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