The Importance of Being Iron

Cast iron skillets on stoveI don’t know if you’re as keen on iron as I am, but I wanted to put in a plug today for considering the use of an iron skillet in your repertoire of pots and pans. I keep mine on top of the stove, and they fit right in with the cottage decor around my house. If you’ve not thought about it before, here are 10 reasons to consider: Cast iron skillet and oil sprayIron cookware:
#1.  Adds iron to your diet naturally
#2. Stays hotter if you want to serve the meal in your pan
#3. Is naturally non-stick if you keep it well seasoned
#4. Lasts for generations (mine are all hand-me-downs)
#5. Relatively inexpensive to make and therefore cost less to purchase
#6. Super versatile. You can use them to fry steaks or bake cakes, etc.
#7. They can take the heat! You can use them on a camp stove or over a campfire
#8. Easy to clean! Just scrub out with water and non-abrasive pad or use mild soap (I heat mine on the stove for just a minute afterward to make sure all the water has dried so it doesn’t rust; I also leave the stove light on to insure against my leaving the kitchen with the heat still on.)
#9. Doesn’t require extra oils to cook. (If you want a little oil, try spraying a natural oil from a spray can to avoid the additives in the commercial products.)
#10. Avoids all the toxins that are sometimes present in artisan craft pans
#11. Super bonus: They never look dirty!! Black is beautiful! 🙂

Cast iron skillet“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”
(Proverbs 27:17)

2 responses to “The Importance of Being Iron

  1. Charylene Powers

    I also use cast iron pans – they belonged to my in-laws and when we use them – I feel a connection with them and all the wonderful meals they prepared for us.

    • Yes, that’s true of me too, remembering my mom and Alan’s mom! Those connections with our loved ones past is precious, isn’t it??

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