In Over my Head Rock Climbing: The Via Ferrate and taking the Bastille

Cafe in GrenobleThere are distinct advantages and disadvantages of hanging out
with people who are younger than you are: Candy StoreThe advantage is that they make you feel younger; Shannon racing uphill with the wheelbarrelthe disadvantage is that they make you feel older. Kathi with Shannon and PaulI had so much fun working with a team of young adults in France last summer, Climbing in the Alpsbut after a while I started to forget that I could be their mom (or even grandma),France Team with local ministry and it was in such a state of altered consciousness that I decided to go rock climbing with them after we’d finished working one evening.Climbing Up!jpg I envisioned a 20′ rock-climbing wall with multi-colored foot holds such as adorn rec centers and are popular attractions for teenagers here in America.Elena and Bayer hiking I thought back to my days of mountain climbing on the weekends
when I taught school in North Carolina Rex and Elena rock climbingand figured it would be challenging…but not impossible. Grenoble Tourism.comHad I been in the U.S., I would have done a google search and discovered that “Via Ferrate and taking the Bastille” involves creeping via hands and footholds approximately 1,561 feet vertically and I’m not sure how far horizontally. View down. Recorderstandard.comThere’s a reason for the names! “Via Ferrate” is a technique developed by the Italian army to maneuver through the Dolomite mountains during World War 1.By Milky. Wiki-Bastille_-_Grenoble_-_France There’s also a reason why this mountain fortress was named the Bastille, prescribed for “enthusiasts for sensational experiences & rock-climbing lovers.” Getting Ready to climb the BastilleThere’s also probably a reason why fools rush in where angels fear to tread,
but I’m still working on that one.  🙂Fun at DinnerOf course, I didn’t study up, and the tall, athletic family we were staying with thought it was a super fun thing to do. View from Top of Bastille in Grenoble. Paul WiersmaTo make a long, scary story short, I will tell you that the Lord intervened for me. Rock climbing. Bastille. Grenoble. 2As we started to climb, it started to rain, and not just a sprinkle. Rock climbing. Bastille. GrenobleThe Lord sent us an indisputable “NO!” in the form of thunder,
lightning, and a downpour! Rock climbing. Bastille. Grenoble. 3As soon as we scrambled down and put away our gear,
the thunder roared no more and the rain became a sprinkle,Digital StillCameraso we hiked up the mountainside via the beautiful Jardin des Dauphin By Milky. Wiki. Steps up the Bastille_-_Grenobleand a complicated series of stairways. Grenoble from the Bastille. Paul WiersmaAt the top we enjoyed spectacular views of Grenoble Rainbow over Grenoble and our day ended with a captivating rainbow across the entire sky Rainbow over the Bastille. Grenoblethat disappeared somewhere behind the Bastille. By Milky on Wiki of Bastille in GrenobleThe following night, the kids decided to go again,
but I had learned my lesson and stayed behind as the prayer warrior. Night falls in GrenobleIt took them much longer than they anticipated, and they finished in the dark.
Some of them got lost trying to find their way back down.
I heard the descriptor “terrifying” from one of the kids,
and they all agreed I’d made the right choice not to come. Getting help down from the Bastille. GrenobleFrankly, I was afraid that if I’d gone, I would not only have failed, I might  have gotten killed and likely injured or killed others who would have tried to help me. Cloudy Evening in Grenoble. AlpsSometimes we get in over our heads, don’t we? Are you feeling over your head right now? If so, STOP! God may not send a bolt of lightning to stop you, but be thankful if He does. Stop before you kill yourself or someone else you love!Sunset in Grenoble“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go:
I will guide thee with mine eye” (Psalm 32:8…if we’ll listen!)

(A special thank you to Elena and Bayer Watson, Paul Wiersma, and “Milky” [from Wiki] for contributing photos!)



2 responses to “In Over my Head Rock Climbing: The Via Ferrate and taking the Bastille

  1. Charylene Powers

    Fun Post – Beautiful Pictures and a Good Lesson in regards to being thankful when God intervenes on our behalf.

    • Yes. It was so obvious to me in this instance, although at other times I’m tempted to wonder why God is “raining on my parade.” He’s protects us, even from ourselves sometimes.

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