Hackley and Hume Historic Sites: The Power of Friendship

Hackley-Hume Historic Sites. Carriage HouseAlthough Muskegon is just 45 minutes north of Grand Rapids,  it’s an area I’ve never really explored, so my curiosity was definitely piqued whenEntry to Hackley House Cindi and Susan announced that “Birthday Club, Part B” entailed a heritage tour of several sites related to Muskegon’s lumber baron, Charles H. Hackley. Sign for Hackley House Charles Hackley arrived in Muskegon in 1857 with only $7 in his pocket, Hackley's Living Room  but at the time of his death about 50 years later, he was worth 12 million, Reading. The value! not to mention the 6 million  that he gave to the community to build a library,11201898_10155627840540296_7360865271911041471_n a hospital, churches, parks, and schools.Fireplace in Hackley House Hackley believed: “A rich man to a great extent owes his fortune to the public.” Lumbering in 1880's “He makes money largely through the labor of his employees….. Moreover, I believe that it should be expended during the lifetime of the donor, so that he can see that his benefactions do not miscarry and are according to his intent.”Hackley Library “To a certain extent, I agree with Mr. Carnegie ….that it is a crime to die rich.” Lumbering in West MichiganThomas Hume joined Hackley as his accountant, but he eventually bought into the partnership, and the Hackley-Hume Company was founded. Lumbering in Muskegon Their lumbering firm became one of the largest in America, and in the 1880’s was described as “the leading lumber center of the world,” History of Lumbering in Michigan cutting some 30 million feet of lumber every year. Friendship of Hackley-Hume Hackley and Hume remained not only lifelong partners but friends, Hackley House 2 eventually building homes next door to each other. Hume House 1 When Hume died, the Muskegon Chronicle reported that his funeral rights at their church were “notable for extreme unostentation. Marked only by their extreme simplicity.” Old Books at Hackley Library Our heritage tour began with a quick survey of the historic Hackley Library, Glass floors at Hackley Library which had innovative architecture, including glass floors and ceiling panels
to allow in more light Stained Glass Windows at Hackley Library and beautiful stained glass windows. Hackley Library Book of Kells 2 Hackley is the only library in North America to have a copy of the Book of Kells Hackley Library Book of Kells 3on permanent display, and it’s really worth a look!  Kell's Priory I’ve written about Kells Priory (https://kathrynwarmstrong.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/kells-priory-irelands-majestic-monastic-ruins/Original Book of Kells and seeing the original Book of Kells in Dublin, Ireland (https://kathrynwarmstrong.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/touring-dublin-in-a-day/), Hackley Library Book of Kells 4 but I want you to know that we stood in a long line
and paid good money for our pass by the original Book of Kells,Hackley Library Book of Kells  whereas at the Hackley Library you can gaze for as long as you want without paying a penny. Carriage House of Hackley-Hume Historic Sites. We also took a guided tour of the Hackley and Hume mansions
with their carriage house behind, which both families shared. Staircase at Hackley House The Hackleys had only 2 children,
and their home is an elaborately ornamented showplace. Sign for Hume House The Humes had 7 children, so their home is simpler
but nevertheless gracious and very appealing. Parlour Hackley House Both homes have been meticulously restored to their original grandeur and are on the National Register of Historic Sites. Hackley House 1 If you have an eye for beauty and a heart for history, you’ll enjoy visiting! The Lake House Restaurant As a part of our special day, Cindi and Susan took me to a lovely buffet lunch at The Lake House restaurant along the shores of Lake Michigan. What a great day! Birthday Club PartyAs I reflect back on our outing, I find myself wondering why those two families Funeral Biscuitswere so altruistic and what made their friendship so strong. One Minute With GodFrom the clues around their home, I’d like to believe it was their mutual faith.Clasp Hands We three girls certainly don’t have massive fortunes to bestow, but I hope our friendship strengthens our character and empowers us to serve God and man better as we consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.” (Hebrew 10:24)

(All the photos were taken in Muskegon last week, except for the two from Ireland as noted and the two cartoons, which were posted on facebook.)

5 responses to “Hackley and Hume Historic Sites: The Power of Friendship

  1. Beautiful and informative post, Kathi. We vacationed in Muskegon for many years at Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference Center. One of the activities offered was a tour of these homes. We never went because it was when our kids were growing up and of course they were more interested in the beach and other friends, naturally. But we always heard about this place. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Charylene Powers

    I love this post. I was born in Muskegon and lived there through the 7th grade. I’m going to put the tour of these homes and the library on my to do list. Thanks for sharing your birthday outing with us.

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