Random Thoughts…But I Like Them…

Leonard Bernstein Second FiddleSo, these aren’t funny, but I think there’s a lot of truth in them.1618455_10153797401115010_922980857_nGenius Joke10984274_901484189883761_2117129791630556668_nHug Value12074592_10105752899430243_6137719831273897521_n11218886_1204534022905531_344081805823539988_nPlato on politicsMarriageNo one really fails who does his bestBe Happy“Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts:
and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom” (Psalm 51:6).

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts…But I Like Them…

  1. From a friend: “Thanks for the thoughtful quotes. I especially resonated with the last. When my kids were young and I did not like what they did – for example when they were two, I would say “you are acting just like a two year old” and refuse to let myself think things would be better when they got older, just enjoy the good part of being the father of a two year old. Helped me a lot when I expressed my anger that way.”

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