From Post to Post

DaisiesOn April 8 and October 8 each year I like to give semi-annual reports on Summer Setting, including some stats and reflections on the highlights of my blogging journey. Because stats are straightforward and fun, I’ll start there. Since last October 8, Summer Setting passed the quarter-of-a-million view milestone and has landed at a little over 318,000 views as of today. I’d like to say “Welcome!” again to the additional 202 followers who’ve joined us this year, and “Thank you, Father!” for the number of daily views growing significantly. The statisticians have reorganized our records such that I can no longer see all the countries that have accessed Summer Setting over the course of its existence, but since January 1 of this year, people from 169 countries have checked in with us some 74,443 times, which is an almost 30% increase from last year. Owl and Huskie So, that’s the easy part of the accounting. The harder part is reflecting on the possible value of what I’ve done, and that’s pretty much impossible to honestly estimate, because I’m basically trying to sow seeds through cyberspace. I will say that writing has been a huge personal blessing. It has definitely expanded my vision of life and gives me joy. I love writing and find myself  living with more intensity and intentionality..acutely interested in every detail…meditating on even the minutia of existence in the hopes of extrapolating some goodness, truth, or beauty to pass along as a blessing to you. My daily prayer is that what I write will exalt God and uplift people…that the stories will encourage every person who reads them and draw us all together more deeply into the love of God.  Dogs made of DogsWhen my children were little and listening to stories, I was constantly aware of my desire to edify and educate them, but they would remind me that there needed to be another “e” word in the formula: “Entertain!” “Make it scary; make it funny!” they would crow. I’ve never been much for the scary, although life itself is scary, and so some of my posts do deal with the harsh realities of life. However, I much prefer the “make-it-funny,” happy side of daily existence, since I think all of us are exposed to more than enough pain and tragedy. Asters. Pink and White Thank you for journeying with me. I treasure every connection and every comment (on this blog, email, and Facebook [please look me up if we’re not FB friends yet!]). I value your friendship, even if it’s only a cyber relationship, and I’ve loved the new friendships that have become real-time experiences with those of you who live close enough to interact in person. I sincerely look forward to the hope of meeting many of you in heaven some day, through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, who loved us, and gave himself for us: “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works” (Titus 2:13-14).

Chrysanthemums“Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.” (Ecclesiastes 11:1) Shell (The above pictures were taken Tuesday night at Meijer Garden;
for ArtPrize, 2015 they’re exhibiting a collection of works by Japanese artists.)

Below is the list of countries/views for Summer Setting in 2015 as of last night:

47732 United States
3137 Germany
3024 United Kingdom
2302 Canada
2144 France
1678 Australia
996 India
854 European Union
569 Philippines
530 South Africa
523 Russia
430 Brazil
429 Spain
428 Italy
418 Ireland
390 Netherlands
355 Poland
338 South Korea
311 Singapore
307 Norway
282 Turkey
267 Indonesia
248 Thailand
223 Japan
207 Taiwan
200 Romania
195 New Zealand
185 Malaysia
176 Hungary
175 Greece
163 Mexico
163 Sweden
157 Belgium
154 Czech Republic
153 Switzerland
147 Hong Kong SAR China
143 Austria
136 Israel
132 Denmark
132 Ukraine
131 Finland
120 Saudi Arabia
110 Pakistan
102 United Arab Emirates
99 Vietnam
85 Argentina
84 Portugal
77 Colombia
74 Slovakia
73 Egypt
72 Croatia
69 Bulgaria
62 Serbia
60 Belarus
57 Slovenia
56 Lebanon
54 Nigeria
51 Trinidad & Tobago
44 Latvia
43 Bosnia & Herzegovina
41 Malta
40 Bangladesh
40 Peru
40 Kenya
39 Lithuania
38 Chile
37 Algeria
36 Jordan
36 Sri Lanka
35 Estonia
35 Qatar
32 China
32 Jamaica
31 Uruguay
30 Iraq
27 Macedonia
26 Puerto Rico
25 Azerbaijan
25 Ghana
24 Morocco
23 Cyprus
22 Costa Rica
21 Tunisia
20 Georgia
19 Ecuador
19 Moldova
18 Cambodia
18 Albania
18 Kuwait
18 Venezuela
16 Tanzania
16 El Salvador
13 Bahamas
12 Palestinian Territories
12 Uganda
11 Mauritius
11 Kazakhstan
11 Myanmar (Burma)
11 Bahrain
11 Mongolia
10 Oman
10 Armenia
9 Belize
9 Namibia
9 Botswana
9 Panama
9 Iceland
9 Guam
8 Luxembourg
8 Ethiopia
7 Barbados
7 Martinique
7 Syria
7 Laos
7 Dominican Republic
6 Nepal
6 Guyana
6 French Guiana
6 Sint Maarten
6 Guatemala
5 Zimbabwe
5 New Caledonia
5 Honduras
4 Seychelles
4 Cayman Islands
4 Guernsey
4 Fiji
3 Bhutan
3 Jersey
3 Nicaragua
3 Brunei
3 Maldives
3 Grenada
3 Monaco
3 Sudan
3 Guinea-Bissau
3 Burkina Faso
2 Angola
2 Macau SAR China
2 Isle of Man
2 U.S. Virgin Islands
2 Paraguay
2 Aruba
2 C√¥te d’Ivoire
2 Bermuda
2 Montenegro
2 Kyrgyzstan
1 Congo – Kinshasa
1 Cuba
1 Togo
1 Cameroon
1 British Virgin Islands
1 Vatican City
1 Suriname
1 Papua New Guinea
1 Swaziland
1 Andorra
1 Madagascar
1 Tonga
1 Antigua & Barbuda
1 Djibouti
1 American Samoa
1 Bolivia
1 St. Lucia
1 Réunion
1 Iran
1 St. Pierre & Miquelon
1 Gibraltar
1 Lesotho



2 responses to “From Post to Post

  1. Charylene Powers

    As I read your post today “I find myself living with more intensity and intentionality…interested in every detail” I realized that reading your blog for the past year has also instilled these same qualities in me as I look at life. Especially, when I take pictures of flowers and people – I think what could I write about this. Thank you for your wonderful example of looking at life and how God works in all of our lives.

    • Praise God! I’m looking forward to seeing some of your photography and stories in the future. BTW, You can be a guest writer on my blog any time!

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