Krazy Jim’s: A True Go-Blue Treasure

Picture of Krazy Jim'sLast weekend, Alan and I resumed our 47-year love affair with Ann Arbor’s oldest (and to my mind best) hamburger stand: the legendary Krazy Jim’s. Krazy Jim's since 1953 Krazy Jim’s opened in 1953, a full 2 years before McDonald’s planted her golden arches across the street from my childhood home in East Lansing
(during the years when my dad taught at MSU). Line at Krazy Jim's Since that time, McDonald’s has sold over 300 billion burgers
and daily serves some 68 million customers in 119 countries… Cooking while you watch at Krazy Jim'swhile Krazy Jim just kept hand-grinding his fresh chuck every morning, serving juicy, mouth-mesmerizing burgers year by year at his one and only restaurant.1997 List of Favorite Ann Arbor Restaurants Krazy Jim’s has won a number of awards over the years (such as being named a “10 great places for regional fast-food treasures” by USA Today back in 2012), Elvis's last wordsbut I think Jim Shafer’s goal was to be legendarily good, not legandarily big. He Bear Restroom My dad used to say, “You pays your nickel, and you takes your choice.” She Bear Ladies' Room  Jim took his choice, and for my nickel, I’d choose Krazy Jim’s any time I could! Hungry? Krazy Jim's Back in the day (Krazy 60’s)  when Alan and I were hungry-hearted college kids, Menu at Krazy Jim's Krazy’s was on S. Division,
but they had to relocate in 2013 when their lease expired, Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burgers Restaurant and it took until August of 2014 to reopen at 304 S. Ashley St. Fleetwood Diner Now Krazy Jim’s is right next door to the Fleetwood Diner Upscale? (which sounds totally suspect, but it’s actually a very popular hole-in-the-wall greasy spoon for college kids where they serve breakfast all day). Huron River It took Alan and me another year Skip's Canoe Rental on Huron River and a rained-out canoe trip to find them again,  Triple at Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burgersbut we were in our glory to crunch into one of their dreamy triple burgers on an onion roll loaded with veggies. Menu options In fact, a math student swears that there are 2,147,483,648 possible combinations given the options for varieties of cheeses, buns, veggies Krazy Jim's burgers and number of patties offered. Deep fried veggies at Krazy Jim's To top off your grease bomb, be sure to add some of their famous deep-fried veggies, and maybe a pint of chocolate milk. Krazy Jim's The prices are right too: Where else can you get coffee for a buck?
(Okay, so maybe at McDonald’s.) Ann Arbor's Oldest Hamburger Stand at Krazy Jim's At any rate, if you’re feeling ravenous, or even if you’re feeling like you just want a great old-fashioned burger (selling to their 6th generation of addicts), Ann Arbor Observer be sure to check out Krazy Jim’s next time you’re in Ann Arbor. Go Blue. Go Blimpy at Krazy Jim's But, unless you’re a masochist,
go on a weekend when there’s an away game…like we did! Lizzie at the U.M football game in MD Go Blue!!
(Here’s my “little sister,” Lizzie, at the U.M. game in MD that day. We won!) Low Fat Menu And, how about you and me? If you could choose, would you rather be remembered for being famous, or for providing great food? Polar Bear Shirt There is much to be admired about the industry of both “Krazy” Jim and McDonald’s maven, Ray Kroc, but I know where I’d rather eat! Ad in Window of Krazy Jim's How about you? Fame and fortune, or good name and great feast? Story of Krazy Jim's Now that I think about it, I don’t think Krazy Jim was crazy at all!

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches,
and loving favour rather than silver and gold” (Proverbs 22:1).


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