Where Do You Hang Your Heart?

Sammy on PumpkinDid you enjoy your weekend? Kathi with Samuel I had such a happy time celebrating my 65th birthday! Twinkley Lights in Tree For a start, Alan took me to the east side of the state,
not only to soak up the ambiance at Weber’s Inn, Rainy Day! but also for a canoe trip along the Huron River (which got rained out).    😦Annie by back deck However, we were able to enjoy an especially thrilling visit with my sister, Annie, and her husband, who’ve just retired and moved from Oregon to Michigan.
I can’t tell you how excited I am to have my sister in proximity after 40 years of living 2,000+ miles apart! Birthday party On Sunday, Dan and Brianna came over after church for a birthday party. Picking Donuts at Robinettes We were planning to pick apples later in the afternoon, but it was still drizzly, Cider and Donuts at Robinettes so we just picked donuts instead. Samuel Trying Donut for First Time Robinette’s was jam packed (as per usual), but that ensured melt-in-your-mouth warm donuts, and Samuel—who was getting his very first lick—was a fan! Face time with family Over the course of the weekend,
we were also able to exchange greetings with our kids who now live far away: Aaron Armstrong Aaron’s family have recently moved to California, and it was his birthday too! Skyping with Mike's Family Mike’s family are now in sunny Italy, looking for a home and getting settled in. SkypingJon’s back from Greece and Italy, where he was teaching a class,
and their family is happily reunited again. Stephen and Laurie Stephen was presenting a paper at a musicology conference in Dublin
last weekend and just happened to run into one of our dear friends,
Laurie M., from GR, in the airport! (What are the odds of that?!) Piglet Joel’s was hard at work in Boston, but he took time out over the rainy weekend Handel + Haydn Societyto go to the Mozart Requiem, and we were able to face time later on. Alan and Samuel One of my friends told me that a mother is only as happy
as her least happy child, and I think there’s a lot of truth in that. Happy 40th Birthday Knowing that my “chicks” (the oldest of whom just turned 40)
are all thriving made me one super happy birthday girl. Baby riding Dad's shoulders It takes a lot of the sadness out of growing old to know that your children
and grandchildren are happily growing up, Sharing is Everything and to be able to share life and love with them. Home is Where You Hang your Heart Ultimately, however, I have to say that as passionately as I love my family,
I’ve learned to hang my heart and hopes on the Lord,
and I think that’s truly where I’m most at home.

 “For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come” (Hebrews 13:14).

(The picture of the piglet was from almostdumb.com [obviously], and the picture of the Mozart Requiem being performed was from the Handel + Haydn Society website. The pictures of Aaron’s family were taken by his wife, Carlie, and the picture of Stephen and Laurie was passed on to me by Bianca M. Thanks, all!)

7 responses to “Where Do You Hang Your Heart?

  1. I, too, have a daughter who is something of a “pill.” So, I can relate! Boys are SO much easier! LOL

    • She’s really very sweet, but she needs to have her privacy respected, and I’m okay with that. The amazing thing to me is how tolerant my sons are. Sounds like you have some really great sons too, huh?!

  2. oh, I suppose my boys are ok, they are certainly way better than my daughter who is so tough to take! Nothing like your boys, one seems to be brighter and more successful than the next!
    unlike you, I have many regrets about how I raised my children!

    • I have plenty of regrets about how I failed my children in various areas, too, so you’re not alone! I believe it’s only by God’s mercy that any of us survive to adulthood!

  3. What a lovely post. Sounds like a great birthday. May you have many more!

  4. Charylene Powers

    I love to see your pictures of Samuel – what a miracle of God. His parents always look so happy and thankful in the pictures – a blessing for all of you.

    • Thanks, Charylene. You are so right! Every time I look I see his chubby little face light up with a smile, I am amazed anew. He is such a blessing…especially having him in the area (as I know you know from your grandchildren)!

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