The Jampot Bakery and Wild Thimbleberry Jam

The JampotIf you ever go up to the “Keweenaw Peninsula” in the U.P.,
you might want to save a little time and appetite for a smackerel of something from the Jampot Bakery. Thou Shalt Not Park Here The Jampot is a humble bakery run by sweet, unassuming Byzantine monks. Doorstep of Jampot We’ve been visiting for decades, but they’ve done such an excellent job over time that their bakery has become renowned, Loaves of Bread for sale at the Jampot and their products garner a high price! Catholic Monastery I don’t know what all they do with the proceeds, but they’ve built a beautiful Catholic monastery across the road on the shores of Lake Superior, Picnic table at the Jampot Bakery surrounded by thimbleberry bushesand if you’re in the area, they will welcome you to an evening vesper service …even if you have little ones! A monk describing treats at the Jampot Bakery We always stop for a teatime snack, and the assortment of delectable muffins, cakes, and candies is almost overwhelming, Unwrapping muffins from the Jampot Bakery although their carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and double chocolate muffins with chocolate frosting often win out in our family. Jars of Jam at the Jampot Stephen and Joel couldn’t go with us this trip, but they said the one thing they’d like us to bring back from the U.P. was a jar of wild thimbleberry jam
from the Jampot, which we were faithful to do! Wild Thimbleberry Jam I will say, it’s expensive, albeit wonderful ($14 for a small jar).  There was a side of me that questioned the capitalistic bent of these dear monks, but then it occurred to me that they weren’t twisting my arm to buy their products, nor are their products  essential to life, so buying a jar of jam was my prerogative. Jams and Jellies at the Jampot I need to allow them the unjudged freedom to charge what they will and do what they will with their money if I choose to buy their jam! Amazingly good muffins, as usual! I really do think it’s awesome that they can live in such a beautiful home…and I appreciated their kindness in warmly inviting us to join their vesper service. Delectable treats at the Jampot Bakery Do I do any better? Certainly not. And so, instead of complaining that some of their high prices seem “too” high, I’ll just applaud their hard work and diligence.Monk arranging jams at the Jampot“He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich” (Proverbs 10:4).

2 responses to “The Jampot Bakery and Wild Thimbleberry Jam

  1. That are thimbleberries? Thez must be very
    special if they cost 14 dollars!

    • I will have to write about them again to tell you more! They’re sort of like a mushy raspberry, and I don’t think they’re worth it, although because the kids had asked, I felt like I couldn’t refuse their request. There were other jams for $5 dollars (etc.) XO…LOVE your kids!!!

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