Views of the Zoo Through Child Eyes

The John Ball Zoo as Seen Through the Eyes of a ChildThere may be nothing more compelling to me than watching my grandchildren Lunch. Waiting for at John Ball Zoo(and our beloved children who interact with them) filled with delight  Asking about Great Apes at John Ball Zoo and puzzlement as they experience new things
and try to understand what’s happening. Penguins at John Ball ZooOne of the places that seems to provoke unending excitement and curiosity John Ball Statue at John Ball Zoois our very own menagerie, the John Ball Zoo. Fish at John Ball Zoo I used to be the one trying to educate my own kids, Fish. Watching fish at John Ball Zoo but now I just love hearing my kids explain things to their children: Chimps Kissing “The chimps are kissing each other! Isn’t that sweet?”  Wallaby John Ball Zoo. That’s a wallaby. He’s a little cousin to the kangaroos. They live in Australia. BongoThat’s a bongo! They’re the biggest sort of antelope and live in Africa,
like where Mama lived when she was a little girl.  Bears at John Ball ZooDo you suppose the bears are telling stories? What do you think they’re saying?Otters at John Ball ZooThe otters are just playing. Sometimes they like a bit of rough and tumble.Boys riding can zt John Ball Zoo.That’s probably not too different from the way little boys like it sometimes, too! Map of John Ball ZooI also love to watch the kids trying to share what they learn as they grow up a bit. Beetle ChartAaron’s boys are really into bugs, so they recognize some types of beetles now. Lions at John Ball ZooIt’s great to watch the kids teaching their younger siblings what they know, too! Lions go Roar at John Ball Zoo“Lions go RRRROARRRR!” (Note that Sophie refuses to be intimidated!)  🙂  Clubhouse at John Ball Zoo  At the John Ball Zoo, there are spaces for fun depending on how old you are Lunch. Pizza at John Ball Zoo…and places for fun no matter how old you are! Train Play John Ball Zoo. Because the zoo is constantly growing, there’s always something old to enjoy, Train at John Ball Zoo as well as something new to explore. Train down to entrance at John Ball Zoo Jon (my train lover) and his family had never ridden the tram before! Playing Drums at at John Ball Zoo There are certain “rights of passage” at the zoo, too! Camel Ride at John Ball Zoo Last time Amélie visited, she was too little to ride the camel,
but this year she was finally big enough…Petting the camel Playing Drums at at John Ball Zoo although Sophie still isn’t. She was only big enough to pet the camel! Goats. Petting at John Ball Zoo Thankfully, even the littlest folks can interact with the goats at the petting zoo Sheep being combed at the John Ball Zoo or brush the sheep’s fur. Budgies feeding at John Ball Zoo Probably one of the most exhilarating activities is  feeding the budgies. Budgie Feeding with Daddy at John Ball Zoo With a little help from parents to entice the budgies on to a stick of seeds, Budgies. Feeding a budgie nature lovers of all ages find it inexplicably pleasurable to interact so closely Feeding a budgie with some of God’s beautiful, unpredictable, wild and wonderful creations. Budgie on head! at John Ball Zoo Of course, it’s even more of a curiosity and marvel when they fly down Budgie in hair and try to decide if your head would make a good nesting site!Tiger at John Ball Zoo copyNobody who’s very big wants to get up and personal with the tigers, however!Tiger Exhibit No matter how young or old you are, some exhibits are always super impressive! Tiger. A Little Scary! Tigers don’t have to roar to be scary…all they have to do is walk up to you. Tiger at John Ball ZooI love seeing the differing reactions based on age and experience: innocent curiosity (Sophie),  boy bravado (age 5, trying to scold the tiger), tense assessment (age 7, ), and studied sobriety (age 9). Otters at John Ball Zoo copyEvery time I’m at the zoo, I’m reminded of how patient God is in teaching me. Pelicans. Baby watching at John Ball ZooThere are so many ways in which I’m still like a very small child spiritually! Goat fascination+15  7.8.15This universe is full of things I really don’t understand at all! Bear at John Ball ZooThere are dangers that I don’t fully recognize. Goats. Sharing the brush at John Ball ZooI am so thankful for those who are older and wiser and willing to share with me!

“Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble” (1 Peter 5:5).

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