The Spectacular Japanese Garden at Meijer

Meijer Garden ConservatoryIt’s a great privilege to travel around the world Frederik Meijer Garden 2 seeing some of the most stunning gardensda Vinci's Horse Meijer Garden and sculpture parks on earth, Examining da Vinci's horse's foot at  Meijer Garden but it’s an even greater privilege to live with one nearly in your backyard! Frederik Meijer Garden A few weeks ago, Frederik Meijer Gardens Japanese Garden at Frederik Meijer opened their new 22 million-dollar addition that’s taken 7 years to imagineer:Frederik Meijer Japanese Garden 2 A Japanese Garden, which (at least in my mind), Sunset at Meijer Garden has catapulted Meijer into the realm of stardom. Frederik Meijer Japanese Garden 3The Japanese Garden is a potpourri of visual delights Rocks. Flowers. Water. Japanese Tea Garden Meijerwhere rocks, flowers, and waters reside,Waterfalls at Meijer Japanese Tea Garden slide, Frederik Meijer Japanese Garden 7 collide… Meijer Japanese Garden. Stephen and Joel find peace, Frederik Meijer Japanese Garden 5and reflect the sky. Iris at Japanese Garden. Meijer copyThe flowers are spectacular, Bonsai at Frederik Meijer Japanese Garden and there are many exotic plants Water lilies and lotus blossoms at Frederik Meijer Japanese Garden garnered from around the world. Taking Family to Meijer GardenThe Japanese Garden is captivating to all ages, too! Zen GardenAlthough many of the displays must not be touched, Bench at Frederik Meijer Japanese Gardenthere are places where kids can climb (or adults can sit and meditate), Boy at Meijer Japanese Tea Gardenand there are good maps available to help inquiring minds learn more, What is Coming is Uncertaintylook harder, and decipher some of the messages which are written in stone. Frederik Meijer Japanese GardenOne of the lessons I learned wasn’t written in stone, Frederik Meijer Japanese Garden Sculpturebut it occurred to Linda and me as we admired some beautifully polished rocks. Sun low in sky at Japanese Tea Garden. MeijerGod, the great designer and creator, intends for each of us  Sun setting over Meijer Japanese Tea Garden to become like a gorgeous garden Frederik Meijer Garden where others can find refreshment and delight. Daisies at Meijer GardenAlthough some people are lovely by natural giftedness, Meijer Garden Sculptureit takes the touch of the Master’s hand to make us into something spectacular. Frederik Meijer Japanese Garden Sculpture 2“In the shadow of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft.” (Isaiah 49:2)

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