How Fast!

Little Girl with cap onWe just got back from da U.P. and a wonderful time with Jonathan’s family.  Mom and daughter with cowboy hatsBoy, are we ever going to miss them! 😦

Goodbye!No sooner had I returned from the airport than I got a call from an electrician saying he could come and discuss an electrical project for us. I’d been trying to get help on this project for many months, but the electrician I’d called first never got around to actually helping, so I finally called this man. He was also busy, so it took awhile for him to get to us, but today was our day, so he and his son came over to check things out. As it turns out, they’ll have to coordinate with our builder for the major project, but they said they had a little time to spare, so I mentioned several other electrical problems that had been bothering me for…well, up to 22 years actually. Fixing light In less than an hour they had repaired our doorbell, fixed the light in a closet, and installed a new lamp to replace “Horrible Hagar,” the ugly light that had been hanging over the door since we bought the house and had never worked right. I couldn’t believe how quickly they fixed these problems!

Repairing things has a cost, but the cost was much less than the inconvenience of living with things that didn’t work right and were ugly. How true this is of relationships too! Got any relationships that aren’t working right but you’ve just been living with nigh unto forever? I do! Have you got a good “electrician” who can and will actually help? I do! There are some problems that are major projects and need time and coordination with others to solve, and in those cases we need to be particularly patient. But, there are other problems that might be solved faster than we think if we just think to ask (and have the Great Electrician and his Son helping us). I’ve found that true for me recently, both electrically and relationally. Thank you, LORD!

“Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God” (Psalm 42:11).

2 responses to “How Fast!

  1. Thank you for the pictures of my wee American darlings. Gerlinde tells me that they had a great time with you and really felt that she has had a holiday!
    We have a good electrician: Volker. He does all these things for us, as well as looking after our computers! So we feel very happy and blessed.

    • Awesome! We just loved having them (as always). They are such a joy to us.

      You are lucky to have Volker near! I will be lost without Stephen and Joel this fall concerning computer questions. Please tell Volker I wish I could borrow him from time to time. (In fact, I wish we could borrow all 3 of you for family gatherings from time to time as well.) All of Alan and my siblings live on the east or west coasts, over 1000 miles away. 😦 Family is such a blessing.

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