If God Existed, What Would You Expect Him to be Like?

Man holding scorpion in TunisiaHave you ever considered how often our expectations differ from our realities? Date palm in desert. TunisiaFor instance, I had a lot of fears about our trip to Tunisia and France. Tunisian Museum Earlier this year there were terrorist attacks both in Paris and in Tunisia, where 22 were left dead at a museum. Eiffel Tower. Paris from the air So, as a group of Americans flying back and forth through Paris and visiting “infidel” (i.e. tourist) sites in Tunisia, Tunisian hospitality drinks I really had to work through the wisdom of such a venture in my own heart. Road signs n Tunisia Was this really what God was calling me to do? If so, was I prepared to lay down Tunisian ladiesmy life if need be for the sake of trying to understand and love Muslims? Rustic Accomodations Knowing next to nothing about Tunisia, I imagined very basic accommodations, Fish dinner. Tunisiastrange food, undrinkable water (for American G.I. tracts),Barren Wilderness in Tunisia  sweltering heat, barrenness, and discomfort. Camel Crossing I expected to be on the go for long hours each day, Building Wall by highway. Tunisia working really hard on various projects, Western travelers in Tunisiaand having to drag my own luggage Lady carrying bag. Tunisia every step of the way!Our English GuideAll I really knew was that we’d be seeing many sites of Christian antiquity Learning about history and culture as well as learning about the culture and religion of Islam. Camel beside road in Tunisia There was a camel ride promised, Rubble from civil war Tunisia but I hoped it wouldn’t end in being kidnapped by terrorists!
…So, why did I go? Royal Salem Hotel. SousseBecause I believed God was calling me to this wilderness experience, Lady with wheel barrow. Tunisia and I want to have some small part in trying to bring reconciliation and healing Lady carrying bundles in Tunisiabetween followers of Mohammed and followers of Christ. Typical Street Scene Tunisia So, I definitely went in fear and trepidation, Oasis in Desert of Tunisia but I was overwhelmed every day by the abundance of beauty and blessings, Tunisian coast and Mediterranean Sea and at the end of every day we all sat around together looking back and feeling amazed at God’s hand of protection and mercy. Tunisia Royal Salem Hotel In Tunisia the hotels (where we stayed) were gorgeous. Sharing Food The food was indeed exotic but most often delicious and surprisingly abundant. Water bottle. TunisiaMost of us did develop diarrhea at some point, but we all recovered well. Star Wars Village The weather was actually gorgeous: Clear, blue skies and hot, Taking Pictures but we didn’t have to backpack our supplies with us and walk; Our Desert Rose 3 we toured in a beautiful, air-conditioned tour bus, 4-Star Accommodations and at night we had access to gorgeous pools…Sulpher Spring even a thermal spring one night under a full moon! Site where R2D2 gets lost in Star Wars I learned that barren can be beautiful, Flowers blooming in Saraha and that flowers bloom in deserts.Oasis in Tunisia There truly are streams in the desert…that’s not just the name of a book. Friendly people And, people seemed kind and friendly everywhere we went. Children along road in Tunisia Far from giving us the feeling that they hated Americans, I saw children with American logos on their shirts Guide  kissing camel and talked to young men who wished they could come to America. Beautiful Tunisian hotel foyer The clerk at one hotel would call out cheerily “Michigan!” every time he saw me, Check point on highwayand the Tunisian police kept close tabs on us so that we wouldn’t be carried off by ISIS. In all, the trip was an A+++ for me, and as I look back, I say to myself, Dry river bed. Tunisia“Now, why was I so afraid? Did I think God was leading me into a trap?” Shepherd leading flock in Tunisian wilderness God is a loving Father. He asks us to trust him to guide us, but if we’re willing, Tunisian Dessert Buffetwe discover that what He gives us is for our good, and more often than not, Tunisian food it’s so much better than our expectations!Water from the Rocks“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20-21)

4 responses to “If God Existed, What Would You Expect Him to be Like?

  1. Charylene Powers

    I love Esphesians 3:20-21 – Dave and I have felt the truth and promise of this verse so many times during these past months.

  2. Fantastic photographs! Looks like you all had a great time!

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