Rise Up, My Love (139): Not Just the Honey, But the Comb

Honey. morgueFile by hotblackSong of Solomon 5:1 “I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; I have drunk my wine with my milk:” The honey is the elixir; the comb is where the honey is kept. Those who keep bees normally extract the honey from the comb but keep the honeycombs intact. The bridegroom’s saying he has eaten the honeycomb and the honey is like saying he has eaten everything. It signifies the completeness of his enjoyment. Carleen's honeycombThis is universally understood as a metaphor for the husband taking pleasure in his wife during sexual union. He has not simply partaken of her sweetness…he hasn’t just dipped his rod into the comb for a taste, as did Jonathan during battle (I Samuel 14:29). No, our Lord’s enjoyment of his bride is not a simple pass through. He did not sample her sweetness and then go on to look for something more to satisfy his taste. The picture is of one who has carefully scooped out the entire comb as it drips with sweetness and has delighted in every delicious morsel. It is a picture of lavish abandon. He did not have to take care to separate the honey from the comb; He was free to take it all—everything his wife was and produced—and make it a part of himself. He allowed her to completely satisfy his need for sweetness!SamsonAndLion_Francesco_HayezAnd here, pause for a moment to consider Christ. Isn’t he himself the essence of sweetness?! It is Christ who dwells in us like the honeycomb within the carcass of the dead lion that Samson found by the wayside (Judges 14:9). We were as dead as the lion…dead in “trespasses and sins,” but God’s Word, “sweeter also than honey and the honey comb” (Psalm 19:10) entered into us by his dear Spirit and produced the divine honey of love within our lives!Bee, goldenrodChrist produces the honey in our lives, and Christ freely imbibes the honey at our request. How our Lord longs to be invited to enjoy all that he has created in and from us! We are his garden, filled with his sweetness. “Let my beloved come!” we invite, and he responds at once, “I am come…I have gathered…I have eaten.” Jesus never asks for more than we have, but when invited, he takes all that we are. Not just the honey, but the comb! He eats it all and takes pleasure in all. In our communion, He takes us unto himself and makes us one with him. Bee

(Second picture of honey in comb from my bee-keeper daughter-in-law. Thanx!)

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