What’s New at the Zoo?

Siberian Tiger 5.13.15The latest addition to our zoo are two magnificent Siberian Tigers. Did you know there are more tigers living as pets in our world than roaming free in the wild? IMG_2863Whenever our grandchildren visit, I always love taking them to the zoo, Turtle 5.13.15because there’s the perfect combination of familiar sights IMG_0369as well as constant variety and new things to see and learn. Alligator 5.13.15For instance, the kids were especially excited about the alligators this time, because they’d recently visited an alligator farm in Florida, so they had lots of experiences to talk about and things to share with Grandma!Pelican. 5.13.15 JB ZooThe kids had seen pelicans in Florida too, but they’d never seen one with a flap of skin on his beak before. What’s that all about? Lots of teaching moments…and opportunities for wonder and future research! 🙂 Mountain Lion 5.13.15It was a clear, cool morning, and many of the animals were especially active. Watching LionsIn the heat of the day the lions are often impossible to see, Lion 5.13.15but that morning they were in full view and looking as fearsome as ever. Snow leopard 5.13.15The snow leopard is always one of Joel’s favorites. Isn’t he a gorgeous creature? Snow leopard's long tail 5.13.15Despite all our years of admiring the snow leopard, this trip was the first time we realized what an amazingly long tail he had! Their tails are up to 40″ long, which is approaching half their body length. We learn something new every trip! Wart Hogs 5.13.15Being spring, love was in the air, and there was a lot of action between couples, Grizzly bears matingbut some things went over the kids’ heads, and that was just fine too. River Otters 5.13.15The kids have a lifetime to learn about life, and we all just keep learning, right?! IMG_0399_2This time a few of the animals that are usually asleep were wide awake…Monkeys taking nap 5.13.15and a few of the animals that are usually wide awake were sound asleep! Watching ChimpsTeaching the kids about the Scripture is very much like taking them to the zoo. IMG_2767There are many stories that they’ve heard before but are still worth telling again. Chimps eating lunch 5.13.15There are many opportunities to build on what they already know, Chimp eating lunch adding to their understanding of how life works. Secretary Bird 5.13.15Sometimes we need to expose them to completely new concepts and ideas, Grizzly Bear 5.13.15but there are also plenty of teachings that are too hard for little ones, IMG_2821and it’s just fine if some things go right over their heads. Little by little! IMG_0354_2Every trip to the zoo— or into the Bible—is an opportunity to learn and grow. IMG_0425 I hope we’re as intentional about helping our children and grandchildren grow spiritually IMG_0427_2 as we are concerned for their growth in understanding the physical world.

“But the word of the Lord was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little.”
(Isaiah 28:13.
May we and our young ones grow strong in faith and grace.)

One response to “What’s New at the Zoo?

  1. Charylene Powers

    Favorite thought – are we intentional in helping our children and grandchildren grow spiritually. Is 28:13 is perfect

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