The Birthday Club Visits Holland’s Tulip Time Festival

Holland Tulip Time 1The Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan attracts over half a million visitors Holland Tulip Time Festival 4 from 40 countries every year…and with good cause! Holland Tulip Time Festival 5 It’s America’s largest tulip festival—and hands down one of our countries’ Holland Tulip Time Festival 8 “biggest and best” town festivals, replete with  fireworks, Dutch Folk Dancing Holland Tulip Time traditional dancing in costume, Accordian being played at Holland Tulip Time music and theater performances, Midway Carnival Holland Tulip Time a Midway Carnival, Making Dutch clogs Holland Tulip Time Dutch crafts and foods, Bands at Children's Parade Holland Tulip Time and 3 spectacular parades along Michigan’s longest parade route. Holland Tulip Time Festival 3 There are over 4 million tulips Holland Tulip Time Festival 6 in every shade and shape you’ve ever seen Tulips 2 Holland Tulip Time (or maybe you haven’t seen before)! Streets of Holland, MI Holland Tulip Time Tulips line the streets, adorn local parks, Beautiful Homes Holland Tulip Time make cameo appearances in home gardens, Firey Red Tulips Holland Tulip Time and bask in sunny fields on Windmill Island. Holland Tulip Time Parade Cindi and I took Susan there yesterday for a Birthday Club outing. Flowering trees at Holland Tulip Time It was 86° with bright blue skies, Holland Tulip Time Festival 7 and the tulips were at their peak beauty. Picnic at Kollen Park Holland Tulip TimeWe brought a picnic lunch and enjoyed lunch at Kollen Park Holland Tulip Time Festival 0 before wandering through town to enjoy all the festivities Dutch children in costume Holland Tulip Time and their Kinderparade, “children’s parade,” which is the largest parade of children in the state (over 7,000 children in costume) Holland Tulip Time Festival Float plus all sorts of floats and school bands. Hand made wooden shoes Holland Tulip Time Tomorrow (Saturday, May 9, 2015) is the last day of the festival for this year, Flowering Crab Holland Tulip Time but it will also have their most spectacular parade, Kinderparade, children’s parade at Holland Tulip Time Festival the GMB Muziekparade “music parade,” Fok Dress Holland Tulip Time which will feature some 4,000 participants including floats, dancers, bands, etc., Holland Tulip Time Festival Paradeso if you live in the area and have some free time, you might love it! Holland Tulip Time Festival 2 After the parade, we went to Windmill Island Holland Tulip Time Festival  10 to soak in the beauty, Organ on Windmill Island hear an organ performance, Holland Tulip Time Festival Windmill Island and take a tour of their 250-year-old windmill, De Zwaan (“The Swan”).De Zwaan  Windmill Island De Zwaan is one of only two working Dutch windmill’s in America and isAlisa Crawford operated by Alisa Crawford, the only Dutch-certified miller in the Americas! Alisa Crawford De Zwaan Windmill While touring the windmill, we learned that the miller alone determines De Zwaan Windmill 1 how much pressure to put on the wheat during the grinding process, De Zwaan Windmill 2 and the more the wheat is pulverized, the finer the flour. De Zwaan Windmill 4This insignificant-looking “cannonball” is key to grinding flour “just right.” Pink tulips Holland Tulip TimeI think that even in the brightest and happiest of lives De Zwaan Windmill 3there is a constant refining process going on, where we are being “pulverized.” De Zwaan Windmill 5The Lord, the most masterful miller in the universe, knows just how much De Zwaan Windmill 7pressure we need to be ground from wheat into—not coarse, but—fine flour! Wheat Holland Tulip Time FestivalAre we willing to go through the process to become refined? Rembrant Tulips Holland Tulip Time Festival“Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction” (Isaiah 48:10).

3 responses to “The Birthday Club Visits Holland’s Tulip Time Festival

  1. ~~~ What a beautiful, lovely day!

  2. What a beautiful place! What do they do when the tulips have all gone? What other flowers do they plant?

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