The Sapphire Princess: A True Gem

SingaporeA friend called me this morning, “Now, Kathi, what I don’t understand is this: SingaporeWhat were you doing in Singapore?” Bangkok, Thailand Ah! I forgot to tell you that Alan and I recently returned from Easter Decorations Sapphire Princessa 17-day cruise around Southeast Asia aboard the Sapphire Princess. Hong Kong Harbor I’d been wanting to go to Asia with Alan for many years and had been watching ads for several, but last fall we received a flyer from the Princess Cruise Line Lobby of the Sapphire Princessadvertizing a very special price on this cruise as part of their 50th anniversary celebration for just $70 per day for their lowest-priced inside room. Sapphire Princess at nightWe put down a deposit that day, which was my birthday!  Swimming pool Sapphire Princess I’ve never seen  such a great offer again, and it was touch-and-go for a long time whether or not Alan felt like he could actually take that much time off, but his boss and colleagues backed him, and away we went! Sunrise in Vietnam It’s the longest vacation we’ve ever taken together (just the two of us) and a very special way to commemorate our 65th year of life! Leaving Hong Kong Harbor at Night Sapphire Princess The Sapphire Princess is gorgeous ship, and the ports were unforgettable! Temple in Bangkok, Thailand We toured many exotic places in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, and China, and I hope to tell you tales from each of those countries, but today I just want to highlight the fact that we went and had an awesome time. Sapphire Princess Long Corridors!We traveled 5,280 miles aboard the Sapphire Princess.
She’s one of the world’s largest ships, immaculately maintained (refitted 2012), Dinner on the Sapphire Princesshas fabulous food, and even the sea days were incredibly fun and relaxing. Sapphire Princess Conservatory Swimming PoolThursday I’ll share what a typical day at sea was like for us, but today I want to encourage you to dream, to watch, to pray, and to take a few risks. Fabulous Food Sapphire Princess For instance, I found an outstanding cruise this fall for only $43 per day (truly), but Alan hesitated, and now the deal is gone. Sigh. Well, I am content. Sapphire Princess Atrium But, a trip to Southeast Asia or the Mediterranean on a cruise ship is nothing to compare with a trip to heaven with Jesus. Jesus Christ has already paid the price and offers each of us the opportunity of an eternal lifetime. Sapphire Princess Elevator If you haven’t done so yet, please accept the world’s best offer—forgiveness and eternal life through Christ— and join us in an adventure that never ends!Sapphire Princess“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls” (Matthew 11:28-29).

5 responses to “The Sapphire Princess: A True Gem

  1. Awesome dream come true!

  2. That ship is certainly very big. You didn’t get lost in it? 🙂

    • Actually, sometimes we would have to stop and consider our direction, because the inside hallways looked similar, and without being able to look outside we couldn’t always tell which was was “forward” or “aft”!

  3. Charylene Powers

    Where are you looking for these wonderful cruise deals???? As always your pictures are wonderful.

    • Most often I find them at, although most of the cruise lines also send me paper ads from time to time, and that’s where I found the special anniversary deal on this particular cruise.

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