Enjoying our New Neighbors

Springtime DaffodilsDon’t you love spring when all the flowers start to pop and the snowbirds return? Our cherry TreeHere at Tanglewood Cottage the fruit trees are in frills & the songbirds in trills! ChipmunkChipmunks are emerging from their snug winter nests Squirrel in pussy willows and squirrels are feasting on the pussy willows. Turtles in swamp Our swamp is abuzz with turtles catching up on the news. Geese on lake The Canada geese have returned to claim their nesting sites, Raccoon in snag and now that Abby’s not patrolling the waterfront, Raccoon in evening we’ve had some new neighbors move in: A pair of stealthy raccoons Raccoon in stump who’ve rented the empty apartment at the edge of our lake. Mt. Soyosan Last Thursday I put Stephen on a plane for South Korea to visit Michael’s family for 5 weeks, and this morning I scooped up Joel from the airport, as he’s just returned from Boston for the summer. Kids! Aaron’s family will be visiting this coming week, Magnolia Tree & the rest of the kids are planning to visit at various times through the summer. Daffodil close up I can hardly wait! Daddy playful. Baby sleepy! Thankfully, we now have Daniel’s family right here, making us laugh Tired of posing? and filling our lives with joy! Tom Turkey copy  However, not all the “new neighbors” are kids or critters (like Tom Turkey). Picnic dinner in screen house Last Saturday Brenda and Tom had us over to celebrate the arrival of Larry and Kari, who’ve just moved to GR. Happy 65th Birthday Larry and Alan go back to their first birthday parties (that’s almost 64 years, ’cause we’re now starting to celebrate our 65th birthdays together)!DSC07396 Brenda and I go back to junior high. The four of us graduated from high school together, and we’ve all been fast friends ever since!Friends at church It was a special joy for Larry and Kari to visit our church yesterday. Don’t know where they’ll end up, but Alan and I are just thrilled to have them nearby!Magnolia TreeIsn’t spring a wonderful time? New birth, new growth, transitions, and changes!  AdventuringHow about you? Have any new neighbors? I’d love to hear about them!

“Let every one of us please his neighbor for his good to edification.”
(Romans 15:2).

(*Edification: “the instruction or improvement of a person morally or intellectually.”)   🙂

2 responses to “Enjoying our New Neighbors

  1. You really live in a most beautiful place! I just love the photo of Samuel with that hat. He looks so cute! And every time I see him I think: It’s a miracle that he looks like this today! I am so happy that God has given him to Brianna and Daniel. A real reason for joy and thanksgiving!

    • Thank you, Sarah! We had dinner with Dan’s family last night, and afterward Alan and I were thinking about your grand son, Samuel, and what a totally charming child he is! Remembering him always brings a smile to us. 🙂

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