Leaving (the world’s largest) on a Jet Plane (the world’s largest)

Flight to TokyoSo, last Friday I showed you photos from our fabulous flight to Tokyo, but this morning I want to tell you about the rest of our adventures trying to get to Singapore. People waiting for flight Due to a problem with the lavatories on the jet we were supposed to take on our flight to Tokyo, we had to wait at O’Hare over an extra 2 hours for an aircraft to come in from London’s Heathrow. Tokyo at night The flight to Tokyo was otherwise without a hitch, and the seemingly endless sea of twinkly lights in Tokyo at night—a city which is now approaching 38 million and is by far the world’s most populous metropolitan area—was just mind boggling!!  However, the delay caused us to miss our connection to Singapore. Airbus 380Alan and I were dreading an overnight layover, but a smiling stewardess from Singapore Airlines met the group of us who needed a further flight and ushered us onto the biggest airplane I’ve ever seen! It turned out to be an Airbus 380, Airbus 380 Comparative Sizewhich has enough floorspace to carry 853 people and is the world’s largest passenger plane!  We were totally in awe of its immensity. It was also a very new plane and had  state-of-the-art everything, lovely food, smiling service (even for the drunk ahead of us who kept demanding more drinks), and a phenomenally smooth ride. There was only one catch! Specs on Airbus 380The dimensions of my height versus the seat size and proximity to the window, added to the distance between the inner and outer windows, multiplied by the darkness outside, divided by the light inside equaled absolutely no view. 😦  A Seat with a View...or Not!.1.23.15JPGNow, in all fairness, I will say it was better than the view I had not once but twice in the past 4 months on 737s heading to California. This, folks, is a fluke. 10-A does NOT have a window on some 737s, so be forewarned to never ask for that seat unless you’re seriously acrophobic but not claustrophobic. Almost SingaporeThankfully, there are little porthole views by the restrooms if you’re just dying to see what’s going on outside, and it was a very cushy ride into Singapore. I mentioned a while back that we landed at just about 3:18am…the exact time that Singapore’s beloved statesman “father” was passing away. (If you haven’t read about our tour of Singapore yet, it’s here):  https://kathrynwarmstrong.wordpress.com/2015/03/30/singapores-beloved-leader-lee-kuan-yews-beloved-singapore/Singapore AirportIn all, we had a great—albeit exhausting—trip nearly halfway around the globe, and I’ll just give you one more quick tip I learned the hard way. Cheese or explosives? If you’re wondering what to bring for a really nutritious snack, consider not packing a one-pound round of smoked cheese. As it turns out, this is exactly the perfect shape and weight to be an explosive. They eventually let me keep it, but not without quite a bit of fuss to determine if it was legit! Singapore Airport Grand HallAh, and all that to tell you this: Biggest isn’t always best! If I had it to do again, I’d rather have a bit less pomp and circumstance and a bit more view!           Sometimes a little is better than a lot. Just sayin’ …

“Better is little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure and trouble therewith” (Proverbs 15:16).


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