Celebrating Summer Setting’s Seventh Anniversary in Busan, South Korea

Cherry BlossomsSummer Setting‘s Seventh Anniversary was April 8th, although I’m a bit late getting out my annual update because I was out of country on April 8! Kids with Asians students by Seoul Tower In this past year Summer Setting gained 187 new followers (Welcome!!), was viewed more than 80,000 times, and has now been visited by people from 199 countries. Balloon stuck in cherry tree One of my dreams as a young woman was preach the gospel to “every nation.” Performance by Seoul TowerJust looking on the internet this morning, the U.N. recognizes 193 sovereign states, 2 more “observer” states, and  2 “partially recognized” states. Signpost in Busan That’s fewer than the number of “nations” from which I’ve received visitors! Whoever Coffee and Herb However, there are also 45 “inhabited dependent territories,” so perhaps that’s where some of the names come from. Love is in the air. Seoul Tower At any rate, I am rejoicing in the thought that I’ve been able to reach out to pretty much every nation via this blog. Distances from Busan Thank you, Father!  Seoul National Cherry Blossom FestivalLast year on April 8 Alan and I were enjoying Seoul’s Cherry Blossom Festival in South Korea…and this year on April 8th Alan and I were again in South Korea, Busan, South Korea although this time in Busan as part of a “Grand Southeastern Asia Tour” with Princess Cruises. Approaching Busan Harbor We were told that Busan was “small…easy to get around” so we went on our own. View of Busan from Busan Tower 2Surprise! Someone had no clue what they were talking about! View from Busan Tower Busan is nearly 300 sq. miles in area with a population of over 3.5 million. Busan View from Tower It’s South Korea’s largest seaport Busan. 5 largest container port in world and ranks as the fifth largest container port in the world! Busan Bridge Definitely worth a visit, Cherry Blossoms in Yongdusan Park especially if you can go in early April while the cherry trees are in blossom. Busan Tower We took a taxi to the base of the Busan Tower Busan Tower above Cherry Blossoms (you still have to climb lots of stairs to reach the top), Busan and from there we got a bird’s eye view of the city. Shrine in Yongdusan Park After checking out Yongdusan Park at the base of the tower, Cherry trees in Yondusan Park we walked downtown Jagalchi Fish Market to marvel at Jagalchi Fish Market 3 all the peculiar offerings Jagalchi Fish Market 2 at the world’s largest fish market, Crabs at Jagalchi Market Jagalchi Market (which also seemed to have some of the world’s largest crabs…Crabs at Jagalchi Marketmany of whom seemed intent on escaping)!Lunch at Jagalchi Fish Market If you go to Jagalchi Market around lunch time, it’s a great place to eat. Choosing Seafood at Jagalchi Market You can point to whatever you’d like, Fish frying at Jagalchi Market and they’ll cook it on the spot for you! Kathi in Yongdusan Park  When Alan and I were in South Korea on April 8, 2014, Bell Shrine in Yongdusan Park it never crossed our minds that we might actually be in South Korea View of Busan from Sapphire Princess exactly one year later, and I didn’t really even realize this was true until today. Camilia Rose. Yongdusan Park 4.8.15 copy Life is always full of surprises! I can’t imagine we’ll ever be in South Korea again, but you never know. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Lockets and promises at Yongdusan ParkHowever, even though we change and our circumstances change, God’s person and attributes, his purposes and promises, never do! Lockets at Yongdusan Park. Busan He is always the same…
“Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).

2 responses to “Celebrating Summer Setting’s Seventh Anniversary in Busan, South Korea

  1. Charylene Powers

    Congratulations on your 7th anniversary – faithfully wiring your blog. I have been reading your blog since last Fall when you started to write about your grandson Samuel. I’m really enjoying your personal insights, all the beautiful photos and the wonderful scriptures that you share w/us. As I mentioned to you in class last Sunday, your blog has been very comforting to me as I grief the loss of our son. Thank you for your faithfulness.

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