It’s All in our Perspective…

04.01.15 Can We Be Glad?Not to complain, but boy is it hard to resist all the yummy food available to me! This reminds me that eating is a huge privilege. In America, most people who need food can find it, if not in their own home, then at a local rescue mission or food pantry. It’s more a matter of figuring out where to go than starving to death because there is no food anywhere.

Still, there are children who starve to death, even in America. Globally, some 800+ million people struggle with hunger every day, and in sub-Saharan Africa, the number is staggering: 1/3 of their entire population.

For those of us who are trying to lose weight because we’ve eaten more than we should in the past, may I encourage us to remember that eating—especially fresh lettuce (and all that represents)—is a great privilege. We are nuts to feel deprived because we can’t overindulge! Instead, let’s be extremely grateful that we have an abundance of wholesome, nutritious foods from which to choose…and let’s make our choices with disciplined care, consciously rejoicing in the fact that we can choose what we eat!

“Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light” (Colossians 1:12).

7 responses to “It’s All in our Perspective…

  1. I was going to post this on your blog, but decided that was likely to be mainly a positive thing, yet my heart burns with this issue!

    Yes! We certainly are blessed! I often think of Amos 6:4-8. God gave us tremendous blessings here in America, more than any other time or people in the entire world! Yet, we, generally, as Americans, have hoarded these gifts for ourselves when they were meant to be shared and so grow the Church! Amos speaks of ivory beds, but think of the luxuries and comforts we have in every direction we look! Amos speaks of choice foods, wine, and lotions, and look at us, as you have mentioned! Yes, we are to enjoy God’s gifts, for He loves to give, but I do believe they are to be used for His glory by sharing with others. In Amos, and some of the other Prophets, it looks like the people are doing everything right! They call out to God, they want to hear His voice, fast and pray…yet God says He hates them because they do not care for the poor and downtrodden, they cheat in the market, and elsewhere He says He hates the shedding of innocent blood. We are guilty. The Church has had 40 years to vote in righteous people to make righteous laws, yet Roe v Wade is as strong as ever!

  2. No scale, car repairs took large portion of tax money, but I will gauge my progress by how I feel and how my clothes fit.

  3. Yikes! I did not mean for my long comment to be on your blog, I thought it was going to be more private! Sorry!

    • I appreciate all your comments, and I’m sure there are others who do as well. Freedom of speech is one of our cherished privileges!

  4. You are right. We are really blessed and the question is: Why us? Other people also work hard and have a lot less than us. I won’t say any more, but as we go into Good Friday and Easter, let us remember Jesus, who became poor for our sake and gave his life for us on the cross. What would He want us to do?

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