Back by (our) Popular Demand: The Birthday Club Signs on for Another Decade

My birthdayCindi, Susan and I started a “Birthday Club” ten years ago to keep our chins up. IMG_4155All three of us had bid teary-eyed farewells to our youngest chicks as they flew off for more expansive scholastic adventures and we ended our tenure as home-schooling moms. 13 copy We quickly noticed that I had a fall birthday, Cindi a winter birthday, and Susan a spring birthday…perfect for celebrating not only the passing of time but the passing of seasons. 2010 60th Our parties were such a hit that we’ve continued them with delighted anticipation ever since, and although we rarely hit the day, we never fail to experience deep pleasure in our adventures as the two non-birthday members develop a plot to surprise and bless our birthday sister! Teepee Tea Party       We’ve pretended to be Indians with a tea party and a teepee in the woods; Cindi, Susan, and Me. 2003jpg we’ve gone Roman toga while feasting on Mediterranean, Victorian for high teas, picnics at the beach, out to fancy restaurants, etc. etc. (as the pictures show). cindi-and-rexs-25th We’ve had so much fun that sometimes we add parties with our spouses. Picnic at Grand Haven In fact, it’s been such a wonderful experience that we’re signing on for 1o more! DSCN8709 (Or, more realistically, I suspect we’ll keep it up until the sad day there’s only one of us left!) Visiting Grace Seminary We haven’t gotten so exotic as to travel more than to another state together, but when Alan and I go adventuring, we often meet couples or groups of women who travel together for fun, and I think we “girls” always dream of such a time when all three couples can travel together to somewhere over the rainbow. Cindi and I at Meijer Garden 03.15 copy Cindi and I were like ships passing in the night this past couple of months, both visiting Maui and Florida…but not at exactly the same week. Almost! img_7601 copy Thankfully, no matter how many years we can continue our Birthday Club, and whether or not we ever get to fulfill our dreams of traveling as a group of 3 couples, we do share the absolutely firm conviction that our last journey will lead us all to heaven and will include eternal fellowship in our Father’s house! Mom's new pics 038 Have you got a group of companions for celebrating life and adventuring together? If not, may I encourage you to think about organizing such a group with one or two of your favorite friends? IMG_3329 copy Have you got plans to meet loved ones in heaven? If not, may I encourage you to think about making plans now? IMG_6408 God invites every person alive on earth today to become his child by faith in his son, Jesus. He wants you to be a part of his Birthday Club by being born again and becoming his son, so that you can live in heaven with the rest of his family whenever you depart this earth. Wanna join in the joy?! The Girls at Meijer GardenFor God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

2 responses to “Back by (our) Popular Demand: The Birthday Club Signs on for Another Decade

  1. Great post. looks like so much fun, that I wish I could join you.

    • Well, if you’re ever visiting, we’ll have to have a special outing so the girls can meet you! I actually dreamed about you and Christoph visiting last night, but it sort of turned into a nightmare because we were trying to get to an airport and were running out of time!

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