Some Gems on Maui’s Gorgeous Northwest Coast

West Maui Coast 1If you want to spend a day in Maui soaking up some coastal splendor West Maui Coast 2 (or just a few minutes sharing some visual delights from our day there with me), West Maui Coast 3take twisty-turny Highway 30 all the way to Kahakuloa, which is just a couple of West Maui Coast 4miles past the place where any pretense of a 2-way road ends and car rentals forbid you to trespass further under penalty of voiding your insurance.West Maui Coast 6If your conscience can handle noting that you’ve just made your insurance null and void, and you can  stand the wild ride, there’s a 10-mile stretch of something West Maui Coast 5 (surely not a real road) referred to as Highway 340 that will connect you again to the rest of Highway 30, allowing for a circle tour of northwestern Maui. Last Stand in KahakuloaBut, as Alan is distinctly more sane than I (and doing all the driving to keep from being overtaken by motion sickness), he let me go to the last stand in Kahakuloa Maui Banana Breadto buy “the best banana bread on the planet” & lilikoi butter at Julia’s, but no further.  That was fine. We enjoyed a fresh, warm, mouth-melting breakfast!West Maui Coast 8We like to start our adventures early, go to the furthest point, and then work our way back to minimize traffic and maximize pleasure. West Maui Coast 7 Thus fortified, we commenced with our day of hiking and serious sight-seeing!Rugged Maui NW CoastAlthough Maui is very tropical, the Northwest coast is rugged and reminds me  Wild roses Maui 1.27.15 copya great deal of Ireland. The cliff sides are even dotted with wild (Irish?) roses! Olivine Pools. Maui 5Our first stop was to visit the Olivine Pools, a little known treasure Olivine Pools. Maui 3 that doesn’t make it into to most travel guides. (Can you see the guys?) Olivine Pools. Maui 1The Olivine Pools are a series of tide pools at the barren, rocky edge of the great Pacific Ocean, West Maui Coast 9 and although I’ve heard they’re the perfect spot for watching the sun set, Olivine Pools. Maui 4 they’re also a perfect spot for getting washed out to sea.  So, if you go, Olivine Pools. Maui 2 make sure it’s at low tide, never turn your back on the water, and never get between the tide pool and the ocean, or you may never see another sunset. Nakalele Blow Hole 1Our next stop was at the Nakalele Blow Hole, where the ocean undercutsNakalele Blow Hole  5a lava shelf, sometimes forcing water through a man-sized hole, where it sprays Nakalele Blow Hole  3on a windy day as much as 70 feet into the air! Nakalele Blow Hole 2Now, even though everything about Maui seems to be excitement on steroids, Nakalele Blow Hole  4the Hawaiians have no vested interest in seeing tourists get killed, Nakalele Blow Hole  6so if you visit, be sure to keep a respectful distance away on the inland side, Nakalele Blow Hole  7understanding that what goes up, must come down, and if you just happen to be Nakalele Blow Hole 8 too close, you could also be sucked back down through that man-sized hole! Northwest Maui Coast 1Sigh. There’s always way more I want to share than time to share it! Honolua BayHonolua Bay is not a hidden treasure, Honolua Beachbut one of Maui’s most beautiful beaches, Northwest Maui Coast 3edged by reddish sandstone cliffs that reminded me of the Grand Canyon. Whale play MauiWe enjoyed watching some whales playing along the coast, Slaughterhouse Beachand it seemed at every turn there were enticing views of quiet coves. D.T. Fleming Park. Maui 2If you only have time to stop and swim once, I really recommend D.T. Fleming, D.T. Fleming Park. Maui 1 which despite it’s rather uninspiring name, is a great park with full services D.T. Fleming Park. Maui 3and a gentle, sandy shoreline that’s just right for swimming or boogie boarding. Northwest Maui Coast BBy then, it was getting on toward late afternoon, Northwest Maui Coast Abut I had one more stop that I’d heard about and really didn’t want to miss: Dragon's Teeth  2The “Dragon’s Teeth” in Kapalua at Makalua-puna Point, Dragon's Teeth  7 which is basically the front yard of the Ritz-Carlton,  where the Mayo Clinic Ritz-Carlton MauiMedical Conference that Alan attended was held. Dragon's Teeth  5 However, you’ll never find the dragon’s teeth unless you know where to look, Dragon's Teeth  4because you have to walk down a very narrow (and cleverly almost unmarked) path at one edge of a golf course in order to get to them!Dragon's Teeth 1The Dragon’s Teeth conjures up images of a mammoth dragon’s jaw full of  Dragon's Teeth  8crooked, broken teeth open wide so the dragon can scoop up a drink of ocean. Dragon's Teeth  6The dragon’s teeth were etched into the lava by salt spray on the upwind side and bleached almost white by the sun. Very unique and rather bizarre, Dragon's Teeth  3 but a treasure well worth hunting. And, there I end my tale for today, but I want you to ponder with me the fact that many of life’s adventures hold some risk.Valley along Maui's CoastIf you’re being faced with an opportunity that also carries some risk, I would like to encourage you to consider carefully, pray earnestly, choose well, act wisely,Palm trees in sunshineand trust that God will bless you. As the intrepid missionary to India, William Carey, believed: “Attempt great things for God; expect great things from God.”  Lanai in setting Sun“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not” (Jeremiah 33:3).

2 responses to “Some Gems on Maui’s Gorgeous Northwest Coast

  1. Charylene Powers

    Kathi, These photos are breath taking beautiful. You are inspiring me to take more pictures of landscapes. When we travel, I take pics of people and flowers – Dave is more into the landscapes and buildings. Charylene

  2. I love pictures of just about everything. Alan teases me, but I can’t resist. My son Joel loves architecture, so I always take pictures of buildings. Alan and my son Stephen love vehicles and will point out unusual cars and whatever. It’s always fun, and then I have so many memories to share! Glad you two enjoy photography too!!!

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