Portraits of the San Diego Zoo

Topiary ElephantsThe San Diego Zoo has long been among the world’s finest. Camel On some lists it was considered #1 even in 2013, Alligator at San Diego Zoo although I notice that as of now Trip Advisor rates it as #2, Elephant Bull having been surpassed by Nebraska’s Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Snake which is home to about 17,000 animals of 962 species and encompasses IMG_6176 over 130 acres  of land area, making it the world’s most extensive zoo, Galapagos Turtle including “the world’s largest indoor swamp, the world’s largest indoor desert,  as well as the largest glazed geodesic dome in the world.”IMG_6284 It’s Nebraska’s #1 paid tourist attraction, and I’ve got it down on my Bucket List! Lizard at San Diego ZooBut, today I want to share portraits from the San Diego Zoo with you, Camilia Rose because I was just there and think it’s fabulous! IMG_6232 As a family we visited back in 1989, Giraffe and even then I remember it both as one of the world’s premiere zoos IMG_6175 and as a botanical paradise. Turtle and Fish San Diego Zoo So, while Alan was working hard at a medical conference last week, I took offBalboa Park for Balboa Park to revisit the zoo. RhinoI was totally delighted and sometimes amazed! Rhino. Friendly (Isn’t “friendly rhino” an oxymoron?)  Lion. Female Over 4,000 animals (of more than 800 species) are now at home in the zooSan Diego Zoo from Skyfari on their 100 acres of beautifully groomed parkland. IMG_6316 Because of southern California’s sunny, maritime climate, almost all the major Brown Bearsexhibits are outdoors (I believe making it the world’s largest outdoor collection). Horned Toad?Since its inception in 1915, there always seems to be something new at the zoo! Polar BearSome of the most famous additions since we were there include the 1996 “Polar Bear Plunge” which was expanded in 2010 to include over 30 Arctic species.  Panda from Brochure In  2011 Pandas arrived at the zoo. I spent over 4 hours at the zoo, Kangaroo Bus zipping around everywhere on foot, by bus, by kangaroo bus, Skyfari and even by skyfari, but somehow I managed to miss the pandas, IMG_6165 although I very much regret failing to recognize what a rare opportunity I missed, because San Diego is 1 of only 4 zoos in the U.S. to house pandas. San Diego Zoo MapThe  zoo has steep hills and many byways, so to enjoy everything there is to see Gazellesreally takes a full day unless you’re super fast and never take any pictures.Mainland Clouded Leopard        In 2012 the zoo obtained 2 clouded leopards. Kookaburra copy In 2013 the ” Australian Outback” was added, Koala from brochure highlighted by one of America’s best koala exhibits and several very social Tasmanian devils (only 1 of 2 zoos in the U.S. where they can be found). Jake. The Tasmanian Devil This one is “Jake,” and believe me. I’ve seen Tasmanian devils in Tasmania, and Jake is truly laid back!   Orangutan from brochure In 2014 the cougar exhibit was built, and in 2017 “Africa Rocks” will open, showcasing additional new displays of lemurs, penguins, and baboons.RennovationsThroughout its existence, the San Diego Zoo has continued to develop and expand both as a zoo and as a botanical garden.Trumpet Tree The park has earned international acclaim for its 4,500+ trees and plants (many labeled) from around the world. So, if you ever get to San Diego and love animals and/or beautiful gardens, consider a trip to the zoo!San Diego ZooI would like to be like the San Diego zoo…always getting better! My father (in his 80’s) used to keep a sign on his bedroom door: “If things improve with age, San Diego Zoo Hippo I’m approaching magnificent.” It always made me grin because, of course, time does not improve my body. Nor does time improve our souls. Leopard In Jeremiah 13:23 we read, “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.” Cheetah Just as time didn’t improve the notorious criminal, John Turnipseed (whose autobiography I’m reading to review next week), time alone will not improve us. Manned Wolf However, the God who transformed John Turnipseed’s heart of stone into a heart of love is the same God who can tame,Kymoto Dragon Claws save, and transform each of us as we surrender our hearts and wills to Him. Alligator So, if you’re wishing to improve Blue Lizardbut feel like you just keep going downhill  IMG_6140 and can’t seem to make yourself do what you think you really ought to be doing,2-headed skink please consider asking the Lord to save you. Zebra and Donkey  He can truly change us into more than we’d ever hoped to be. Hibiscus+2:27:15“For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day” (2 Corinthians 4:16) Hybiscus

(I took all these photos last week at the San Diego Zoo, except for 4 pictures  I took of their brochure: the map, the koala, the panda, and the orangutan.)


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  1. How lovely! You are such a prolific writer! And so soothing!

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