Maui’s Magnificent South (west) Beaches

Sunrise Walk on Big Beach, MauiLooking for some dream-come-true tropical beaches to walk where there are wide stretches of golden sandWailea Beach  lined with palm trees and crowned with rainbows?Kahoolawe from Big Beach, South Maui… where crystal-clear waves caress the shoreline with gently swirling kisses… distant islands beckon…Humpback Whale cavorting. Maui and humpback whales cavort in the bays?  Waves rolling in on Big Beach If you can make it to Maui, then you’ll look no more, because—as Andy Doughty says— Maui has “an embarrassment of riches” when it comes to fabulous beaches. Longboats along Wailea Beach For whatever reason, Maui residents talk about the “South Maui Beaches” when they’re referring to the treasure trove of gorgeous beaches that run from Maalaea Bay to La Perouse down Maui’s southwestern (leeward) side. Misty Maui MountainsWe only had one day to explore, so we began our journey before sunrise and Highway 31, Mauiheaded to our southern-most point (to minimize traffic and maximize pleasure). Puu Makua in distanceThe road deteriorates before you can actually get to La Perouse, but the scenery is outstanding. This is where Maui’s last fresh lava flows reached the sea (1790), Last lava flows on Maui 1790and fields of lava rock and boulders line both sides of the road. Kanahena, Ahihi BayThe coastal side of the road is an unending feast for the eyes… jagged beauty Maui. Yellow wildflowers and profuse wildflowers blooming wherever there’s enough soil to take root. South Maui BeachesThere are no fewer than 17 major, named beaches on the map, but I’m really only going to tell you about our two favorites. Big Beach, Maui“Big Beach” (aka Makena or Oneloa) is a 100-foot wide, 2/3 mile long crescent  that is considered by many to be “the beach” in Maui. I concur with that opinion! Big Beach, MauiIt’s a state park with facilities and is said to be crowded, but early in the morning Walking Big Beach, Hawaiiwe had the entire waterfront to ourselves! Big beach is one of the premier spots Coconuts on Big Beachfor swimming, snorkeling, beach combing, or just basking in the sun. Wailea Bay The other incredibly beautiful beach is Wailea, and there’s a boardwalk that Resort at Waileafollows the coast for 2 miles, linking 5 beaches & a string of world-class resorts.Wailea PointWe were able to park for free at Polo Beach and found the walk to and fro Boardwalk at Waileautterly delightful! This is the most expensive area in Maui, and rumor has it thatCabanas in Wailea  to rent a cabana for a day can cost $450. That’s right. $450.00! So…we didn’t. Purple Palace of PrayerHowever, by then we were pretty much starving, so we stopped for a late lunch Kihei, Mauiin Kihei, where were served the most humungous Mahi Mahi Steakmahi mahi steaks we’ve ever seen. Paia Fish Market SouthPrices are high, and we had to wait in a very long line, but it was worth the wait!Maui RainbowThe day was full of both sunshine and showers…with lots of rainbows Ice Plantand flowers. “Just another perfect day in paradise,” I think he said. Sunset over MauiIf there are places on earth this beautiful, what will heaven be like?
I can hardly wait!

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9)

2 responses to “Maui’s Magnificent South (west) Beaches

  1. I met you on the trolley ride at the zoo. Obviously having just read much of your blog you are a Christian. I could tell by the kindness you showed in the brief time we were seatmates. You are an amazing photographer and I can’t wait to see the pictures you post from San Diego.

    This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!! Thank you and God bless. I look forward to our eventual reunion. . . .


    • Oh, this makes me so happy! I noticed what a thoughtful person you were also and wondered but didn’t have quite the words to ask. But, I was so glad you asked about my blog, thinking that if you read much, you’d (hopefully) find the gospel message. I would be really happy to keep in touch! If you ever think of coming to Michigan, please visit us! my email is kathrynwarmstrong at Blessings to you, dear sister! I post every Tuesday (Lord willing) on places I’ve visited, so hope to be posting on the zoo next week. I am also looking forward to our eventual reunion. May Jesus Christ be praised!

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