Sammy at 40 Weeks: Looking Back and Ahead

Alan and KathiAlan and I just celebrated our 42nd anniversary, 38 weeks and it was especially happy and special for us Mother and Baby because our anniversary was the due date for little Samuel, November 24, 2014 Emergency C-section although—as you probably know—he was born 13 weeks early, back in November after Brianna had an emergency C-section due to a dangerous pre-eclampsia. Thanksgiving Day, 2014 Here Samuel is on Thanksgiving Day, and I was thinking about just how much has happened in the past 13 weeks, and how much he’s changed. November 30, 2014Here he is on November 30, after Brianna had recovered enough to love him up. December 16, 2014 Off VentilatorBy December 1, he was allowed to go from a ventilator to a C-PAP, December 8, 2014 Pneumoniaalthough the next week he developed pneumonia. December 19, 2014Poor Baby Samuel was hooked up and wired every which way! 😦 December 25, 2014By Christmas Day he was beginning to recover, but life was still really tough. January 1, 2015By New Year’s Day, we were all beginning to feel very hopeful that he’d survive. January 4, 2015However, then Sammy started developing eye problems, January 10, 2015and eventually it was decided that he needed to be transferred from his NICU  NICU Children'sto a more specialized children’s hospital in case he needed eye surgery. January 18, 2015Thankfully, his eyes have been improving (although they’re still at risk), January 23, 2015but now he has inguinal hernias that will need to be surgically repaired before he can go home. Preemie at term If all goes well, they’re hoping to be able to operate by the end of next week. Father and SonIf Samuel had been born at 40 weeks, he might weigh over 8 pounds today, the way his daddy did when he was born, but with all his extra struggles, Feeling playful we’re just delighted that he’s passed the 5# mark!
(Dan and Sam are starting to relax and have some fun together!)Opening presents at the showerLast Saturday, Brianna’s sisters threw a wonderful baby shower for her.Fun at the baby shower We had tons of fun, Opening Gifts at Showerand Brianna got tons of presents, toys, clothing, and stuff one needs to take care Sisters threw a Baby Showerof a baby, so now all Sammy has to do is grow enough to fit into his new clothes! Baby ShowerWell, I guess he will also have to endure and recover from his hernia repairs, learn to eat and breathe well enough…so lots of challenges yet.Sammy at 40 WeeksBut, the doctors are encouraging us that if all goes well, he’ll be able to go home in 2+ weeks. We’re not crossing our fingers, but we’re all praying it will be soon!

Elin FaithBy the way, if you’re willing, there’s now a new baby in the NICU: “Elin Faith Gillis was born on 2/12/15 at 12:13pm after a placental abruption and rupture of membranes. She was 24 weeks and 2 days. She is being treated at the Helen Devos Children’s hospital in Grand Rapids. She is 15oz. Her due date was June 2nd.” Thank you!

“But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.” (Malachi 4:2)

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