A Few of My Favorite Birds (27): Cheerful Chickadees

Chickadee CardThe cheerful, black-capped chickadee is one of America’s favorite birds, Chickadee 2.9.12 and it’s one of the first birds most people learn to recognize, Black-capped chickadee. Snowy both by their call and coloring.  Chickadee in rain 11.6.13The happy sound of the “chickadee-dee-dee” call resonates through our woods Chickadee 5.10.14 during every season of the year, Spring on Lake 3.31.14 but it’s particularly notable in the spring, Chickadee in Spring 5.9.14 while the male is defending his territory, Chickadee in snow and in the depths of winter, Chickadee.Snow. 2.21.11 when few birds have the heart and energy to serenade the world! Chickadee 2 11.30.10 Chickadees are petite little birds with bright, black eyes, caps, and bibs, Chickadee 3.19.13 grey backs, white fronts, Chickadee Wing and buff patches along their sides and under their wings. Rain 11.6.13 Chickadees aren’t fair-weather friends, either! Deep snows They don’t vacation north in Canada for the summer Deep Snows 1.8.14 or follow other snowbirds south in the winter. Chickadee at feeder Once they choose their nesting site, they are year-round residents. Chickadee, Black-capped Ours come daily to our feeder, Nuthatch and Chickadee 11.6.13 although I’m always impressed by their peaceable, non possessive nature.Birds at Feeder 1.10.14 Other tiny birds of similar size (notably sparrows) can be very cantankerous in defending their turn at the feeder, Black-capped Chickadee 3.19.13 but the chickadees wait so patiently that at times I wonder if they’ve left the area.Chickadee on Railing However, once the other birds have left, the chickadees return. Chickadee Feeding Chickadees love both black and striped sunflower seeds, 1.15.10 and suet helps replace their need for protein during times when grubs and insects are hard to come by. Woodpecked snag Chickadees build their nests in trees with openings so small that predators Brown-headed Cowbird& unwelcome neighbors (like cowbirds), who don’t fit it at all, can’t get in at all! Chickadee 6.28.12Another endearing characteristic of chickadees is that they’re very curious,  friendly little fellows.Chickadee 11.30.10 If you stand outside—very still—with seeds in your hands,Black-capped Chickadee 2.17.15you can probably train them to eat right out of your hand! Chickadee 3.23.11All in all, they make great friends and neighbors, so if a pair drop by your house, DSCN8257I hope you make a little room for them in your heart (and at your feeder)…Davy Bird Watchingand please keep an eye out for them, just like we all need to do for one another! Chickadee in rain 11.6.13“If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”
(Romans 12:8)

2 responses to “A Few of My Favorite Birds (27): Cheerful Chickadees

  1. Love the pictures, as always. I’ve never heard of a cowbird. The cat and bird photo is fitting. What’s a bird story without a cat?!?!?!

    • Cowbirds lay their eggs in smaller birds’ nests, and after the eggs hatch, the cowbird babies get all the food! Our cat Davy was death on birds if we didn’t watch him. He loved to sit and look out the window at all those luscious-looking song birds at our feeder!

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