Weight Loss Journey: Guaranteeing A Good Year

Roses and Lilies“How To Guarantee That 2015 Will Be A Good Year” was the title of my dear big brother’s sermon to ring in 2015, and it was most inspiring! (Link below) The gist of it is that if we do good, we’ll have a good year. Right? I think Bill’s spot on. Ultimately, having a good year isn’t dependent on getting what we want (or think we want). Being happy isn’t the same thing as being (or having) goodness. Goodness begets goodness. God is good and does good. Definitions of “good” (at least according to Google) refer to “that which is morally right, righteousness… to be desired or approved of” and bring to mind virtue, health, and integrity.

So, I was thinking about this over the past week as I was trudging along, eating very carefully, and not feeling like I was really losing weight nearly as fast as I’d hoped (which was only 1 pound a week, and I thought would be very doable).  My stated goal for 2015 was to lose 23 pounds (putting me in the healthy range), but my secret hope was to weigh what I weighed as a teenager, and that is what I’d really like.

What does God want for me? I’m not so sure when it comes to how much I’ll weigh at the end of 2015, but I’m sure he wants me to be good and do good, and that will indeed guarantee that I’ve had a good year!

How about your health journey? Are you encouraged or discouraged this week? Keep eating right, and good things are bound to happen. At the end of the year, we may not have achieved our ideals, but whatever happens, it will be good!

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not” (Galatians 6:9). Orchids

(Here’s the link to Bill Rudd’s message, although to see/hear it,  you have to scroll down the list  a bit, since the current message comes up at the top each week): http://www.calvarymuskegon.com/media/

10 responses to “Weight Loss Journey: Guaranteeing A Good Year

  1. Down a little… thought it’d be more… 😦 10/3/7

    • Well, if I were you, I’d probably be up a lot this week! We’ll have to be good tomorrow at lunch. Looking forward to being together. XO

  2. 23/-1.0/17.9 This seems like painfully slow progress to me, having been at it for 7 weeks now, but I guess it could be worse, and I’m trying to be thankful for every week I’m down instead of up! 🙂

  3. just doesn’t seem to be working, it can’t seem to settle on any particular number.
    I have been focusing on healthy eating, and that has been a great plus as I feel better more consistently. I now have tools for health and weight loss that wasn’t available a few years ago…now, what kind of an excuse is that? Really, research and knowledge of what works for my situation; I need mega nutrients because of childhood poisoning by farm chemicals and far too many antibiotics. Herbs have been a big help, and so are green tablets of algae and other very dark green herbs.

  4. 75/??/?? Hey, I lost some of my comment! My scale isn’t working

    • I used to get so frustrated with my scales because it was different every time I tried! I don’t know if you can spare $20, but you can get a very reliable WW scale that measures to the tenth of a pound there. Mine is very consistent now. My weight isn’t, but the readings are. Good for you for eating well. Your hard work will pay off!

  5. Dear Kathi, I am 2 kilos down since I started with you. I want to go slow as I’m afraid of the yoyo effect and I am not eliminating all the unhealthy things from my diat. If I eat a piece of cake (and yesterday it was all cream and stuff because Christoph invited me into a wonderful cafe) then it replaces a meal. We have some lovely sweet oranges in the shops at the moment and I’m really enjoying them.

    • Dear Sarah, Wow! Down 2 kilos is a lot, especially by simply eating wisely. I’m impressed! I’ve hardly lost anymore by “killing myself” avoiding almost all sweets and carbs. I think your method is ideal, but I’ve had to be harder on myself because I can’t seem to just “eat less” when it comes to sweets (at least in the last few years). I admire your style! After 2015, I hope to maintain my weight by simply eating less and wisely, so you can be my role model. 🙂

  6. Hi Kathi, If I can lose 60 lbs so can you. Got a lot of help from God, my best friend and basically eating healthy and staying as active as one in their 70,s can and especially with arthritis. I almost fell over when my Dr told me right after Christmas I should gain a few lbs back. It can be done and you do not have to deny yourself of everything – portion control is the secret.0

    • Woah, that’s a phenomenally inspiring testimony, Shirley! Did you JUST regulate portion size on your own, or did you have other supports too? How long did it take? Most admirable!! Tell us more about your strategies, please!

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