Our Littlest Valentine is Getting Bigger: Samuel at 39 Weeks

Sleepy!Happy Valentines’ Day to you! I hope you have a truly happy day!!
This has been another big week in the life of our littlest valentine! ThinkingThe best news is that Samuel now weighs a tiny bit over 5 pounds! Sticking out tongueWhat do you think of that?! Grandpa and preemieThe other really exciting news is that he had his first heart-to-heart with Alan, Happy Grandma!and I got to hold him too!  🙂He's smiling!In fact, he even smiled at me. Talk about melting my heart!!! Arranging baby“Uncle Stephen” also came, & Brianna showed him all her happy holding tricks. Uncle with preemieBaby Samuel is Stephen Samuel’s namesake…a very special honor for both! Father and SonStephen is Daniel’s next-younger brother in our tribe. God is so good to us! Uncle and Grandma with BabyYou can bet we’re really celebrating this day with our littlest valentine! Bridge to hospitalDespite all the good news, there are still several bridges to cross before he can go home: hernia surgery, remembering to breathe all the time (stabilization), and more mature feeding skills. Such big and little hands! However, we know he’s getting great earthly care and is safely in God’s hands,Angel in skyand we are now looking forward to the bright hope that his health issues will clear up by God’s grace, and that he’ll be able to come home before too long!

“Jehovah! It is nothing with Thee to help, between the mighty and those who have no power; help us, O Jehovah, our God, for on Thee we have leant.”
(2 Chronicles 14:11, YLT)

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