Samuel at 38 Weeks: Jumps, Lumps, and Bumps

Home-going for a preemieHappy news on Samuel’s little traveling buddy, D.J.
He arrived safely home yesterday, PRAISE GOD!!! 1Our little man hasn’t fared quite so well and is far from home free yet! 2The best news is that his eyes are improving, and he may not need surgery! Thank you for your prayers, & please continue, since his eyes aren’t “normal” yet. Auntie Love 1Another happy “jump” is that Sammy is now well enough to be held by family! Auntie LoveHe’s been receiving lots of aunty loveGrandma and Grandpaand affection from Brianna’s mom and dad, although we were gone when this breakthrough happened. Snuggling Mom Thankfully, our turn will be tonight!   🙂4Although there’ve been some good jumps forward this week, Sammy now has a couple of lumps—inguinal hernias (it’s a real strain to breathe, you know, when you’re that tiny), that will definitely need repair. Falling asleep with DaddyDaniel and Brianna have asked for prayer on the timing, since the anesthesia and intubation for the surgery will be risky and would delay Samuel’s home going if they have it done before he leaves the hospital…and it’s getting harder and harder for Dan and Brianna to leave him at the hospital each evening. 😦3Thanks for reading, caring, and praying! I hope you’ve also experienced some happy jumps in your life lately, and I pray that—no matter what lumps and bumps you’re facing—you’re also able to find peace and sleep. Blessings~

“I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety” (Psalm 4:8).

4 responses to “Samuel at 38 Weeks: Jumps, Lumps, and Bumps

  1. WOW! What a journey – a miracle journey. Still praying for Samuel and his medical attendants and family.

  2. Our heart goes out to Samuel and his Mom and Dad and we are continuing to pray those little lungs will grow and the eyes will keep getting better. Such a long slow journey. But still each day brings more hope that one of these days he will be well enough to go home. Just love to hear about every little improvement. He is so close to my heart.

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