Losing Weight (3): Now We are 8…Anybody Want to Make it 9 or 10?

Red berries in winter How are you feeling about your weight?? Are you at your goal weight? There are 8 of us in our weight loss support group—trying to lose as little as 4 or as much as 75 pounds. We’re trying to encourage each other (and some of us are praying for everyone as well). Each of us has adopted our own plan, and they vary, which is great. So far, very good! Most of us have lost at least a pound in the last couple of weeks, and some have lost 2-3!

Anybody else want to join? All you need to do is figure out what you think will work for you and try to stick to it, making adjustments as needed. I’m doing a low-carb, low-sugar diet, which works by the KISS principle (“Keep It Simple, Stupid”). Saves me time!  I don’t have to think about anything except…”Is this high in starch or refined sugar?”  But, some have good phone apps that help them figure out nutritive value and calories, some have special dietary needs, and some are just avoiding snacks or cutting back. My theory is that much of successful dieting has to do with figuring out what makes you overeat and then solving/avoiding that problem. I have 2 major problems: I’m a social eater, and I love sugar. By refusing to allow myself sugary or starchy foods, I’m protecting myself from myself, and my family and friends are getting used to the fact that “I can’t” eat about 98% of what is served for snacks. So, it’s working for me. In fact, I lost 2.5 pounds during our trip to Disney…doubtless the combination of lots of exercise AND avoiding sugar and starch, but if I can usually lose even 0.5 pounds, I’m going to be very happy! Grouper on SpinachAlan and I went out for a lunch date on our vacation, and we were served the most wonderful grouper on spinach. Last night I tried to concoct my own version with salmon. It was a hit with Alan and (my son) Stephen, so I thought I’d pass it along as one possibility for a no sugar or starch, low-cal/high nutrition specialty:Salmon with Spinach and ArtichokesSpinach: fry 2 slices of bacon until crispy. Crumble and add one small onion. Fry until the onions are tender. Turn up the heat and add cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts (drained), and garlic. Sear until they brown (at the restaurant, they were somewhat blackened). Add 1/2 pound spinach, salt, pepper, oregano, and basil to taste (or whatever your family likes). Cover, stir everything together, and turn the heat off, allowing the spinach to wilt without losing its color. Just before you’re ready to serve it, turn on the heat again for 1-2 minutes until it’s very hot.
Salmon: wash and place skin-side down on an aluminum-foil-lined cookie sheet. Season with lemon juice, Italian dressing, Lawry Seasoning salt, salt, and pepper. Broil in your oven until a rich brown color on top…about 15 minutes (depending on how thick it is). (I think they grilled theirs, but we have a foot of snow on our BBQ grill right now.)
Guacamole: blend one avocado (I find that cutting it in half around the middle and scooping out with a spoon is easiest) with a little lime juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic salt, and onion salt to taste. (They had some watercress for a garnish on the very top, but I didn’t feel like paying the extra $ to get some.)

Is that enough info? I’m guessing most of you are seasoned cooks by now and have your own tastes and preferences anyway, but if you want more detail in future, let me know and I will try to be more careful about judging how much of whatever I’m actually using.

I noticed that last week Jane mentioned Outshine popsicles (made out of real fruit and only 40 calories a pop). The comments are helpful, so I hope you enjoy sharing ideas and reading the comments. Got any favorite recipes to share?

01.14.15 WW3 CommunityMany are the pains of the wicked; As to him who is trusting in Jehovah, kindness doth compass him” (Psalm 32:10).

22 responses to “Losing Weight (3): Now We are 8…Anybody Want to Make it 9 or 10?

  1. Because I sit at a computer a lot of the time, I’ve slipped on excess pounds over the years of working from home and raising children. So this year I have adopted a simple equation: Cut snacks to healthy ones. Eat fewer calories and exercise more – even if that is just walking. So far so good.
    Good luck with your goals 🙂

    • Thanks, and good luck with yours. Sounds like an excellent strategy that should work.When I was younger, that did work for me, but I had to be harder on myself now because I’ve been slowly becoming heavier since menopause and find that the normal, healthy strategy (yours) hasn’t been enough for me anymore. After I lose down to what I believe is a healthy, normal weight, I will try to maintain by doing exactly what you’re doing, which should work.

      • Also, Valerie, if you want to just check in with us every week as a way of holding yourself accountable, please feel free to join us, and I (and some of the others) will pray for you. All you have to do is record how much you want to lose (first number), how much you’ve lost that week (second number), and how much you still have to go (third number).

      • Hi again
        Well I will try this for January and if it fails to get the results I want then more drastic action will be needed – like follow a defined plan 🙂

      • Sounds good!!

  2. 26/1/23 for me this week. It’s been a tough week with many temptations. Congrats on losing while at Disney. I think you have found exactly what works for you. Thanks for the excellent post and recipe.

    • Congratulations again! I have been praying especially for you, since you mentioned starting strong and then finding it hard to keep it up. I have definitely noticed thick slabs of fresh bread slathered with butter, key lime pie, chocolates, and other wonderful stuff that does float in front of my eyes around the table!! Let’s keep praying for each other (all of us)!

  3. Oh, for the record, 23/2.5/20. I tried a few of Stephen’s noodles one night at a restaurant when he said they were really wonderful. It wasn’t technically a failure (“low carb” not “no carb” as my standard), and I did consciously choose to taste them, debating whether or not it would be “bad,” and I noticed it triggered my conscience, so I’m reporting it. I am always looking for new ideas for good food but don’t want my curiosity to defeat me and feel a little ambivalent about how to deal with “new and unusual” opportunities. Do you struggle with this? I am thinking not to allow myself to order something exotic, but if someone offers me a taste (particularly Alan when we travel), then I will allow myself one bite. How does that sound? Dangerous, or reasonable? Any thoughts?

  4. 75/2/73 Back on track! I was poisoned with farm chemicals and too many antibiotics as a kid, and have spent a great deal of time looking for ways to fully regain my health. Jesus has helped so very much, and given me new answers within the past 2-3 years.
    My body requires mega nutrients, so I go for organics when possible, lots of raw for enzymes, herbs for deep cell cleansing, high fiber and deep color fruits and vegetables for nutrients and overall health, dark greens for veggie protein and inner cleansing, and lean meat protein. All these build the individual cells, replacing dying cells, and so the body gains strength; our bodies are constantly replacing cells, and every few months there is a brand new you! So it is important to build a new you with healthy food.
    As much as eating the right foods, is the need for lots of liquids. Water, of course; but also teas, fresh juices, fresh broths, and other high nutrient, low sugar liquids. Even mild dehydration lowers metabolism, and liquids grab impurities and broken down fat and flushes them from the body, if there is not enough fluid to flush these out they remain inside and lower health.
    Our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit–incredible!!!–so it is honoring to God to care for His Temple—we are not our own (I usually consider it mine–not cool), but we are bought with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ–how Awesome is that??!!
    Thank you, Kathi, for bringing this group to life!

    • Great entry, Maggie, and congratulations on losing 2 pounds!! I appreciate all the information and spiritual encouragements. It used to be common to hear that we needed 8 cups of fluid each day for proper “washing,” and that it had to be water, which I could never seem to do, but now they say any non-artificially-sweetened liquid, so juices, teas, and even coffee are allowed to count (if my understanding is correct). I know that coffee tends to dehydrate people, but it also mildly suppresses appetite, so I’ve been allowing myself coffee with lots of milk and a little honey at times when I’m trying to get through the hungries until dinner.

      • I try not to get too hungry, it ups appetite and slows metabolism.

      • So true! If I get hungry, I usually have a piece of fresh fruit or a little cheese, although I also suspect I’m going to have to endure some mild hunger pangs to make up for the years of too-full pangs!

  5. Hi Kathy!!!
    WOW! What an EXCELLENT IDEA you had to start this group!!! I would LOVE to join you ladies. I have started using a couple apps and I do have a plan but I just started so I haven’t lost anything yet. When do you all check in? Is it the first Mon of every week? Thank you for the invitation. 🙂


    • Hi Deb,

      I’m thrilled to have you join us, although if you’re the Deb I’m thinking of…you’d be a twig if you dropped 100 pounds! Would you be anorexic at that point? Think about it. But, that being said, WELCOME! We’re going to be sharing our progress every Wednesday morning for 2015 until we reach our weight goal. So, yours would look like 100/0/100 for this week, maybe 100/1/99 for next ( if you lose a pound). I’ve started with a goal of 23 pounds (which seems possible in a year), but I could actually lose 40 and still be in the healthy range, so if I lose 23, I’m going to set a new goal and hope to lose more. So glad for the company! All thoughts, tips, and encouragements are welcome too! 🙂

  6. 05/1.2/3.8 Things are going well for me. I thought I’d mention a hot drink I’ve discovered at Starbucks (and probably other coffee/tea houses have it, too). When I’m tired of herbal tea when I go out with my friends, I now order a “steamer” made with steamed skim milk and a shot of sugar-free flavoring. My favorite is hazelnut, but there are many choices. Since I try to drink 3-4 glasses of skim milk a day anyway, a steamer is totally tasty and works with my diet. I don’t normally ingest sugar-free products, but having one once or twice a month seems to agree with my system okay and worth it while I’m off sugar and on a diet.

    • Thanks for the info on steamers. I think I’ll try that tomorrow on my own at home. A friend shared a link showing how you can heat a jar of milk, place on a cap, and froth it just by shaking (might want some pot holders to keep from burning yourself if it’s too hot). Steamed milk in tea or coffee with a touch of something that tastes sweet would definitely spice up a winter day! 🙂

  7. Oops! I see that my middle number is wrong. I reported total loss since I started the diet, not the loss for this week only. My correct numbers are 05/0.4/3.8. I suspect nobody cares anyway, but I’m using this weekly check-in as an incentive for me, so I wanted to have a system that matches how everybody else is reporting.

    Kathi, your salmon recipe sounds scrumptious and nutritious. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Thanks for keeping with us! You are inspiring! Most of us would think that “5 pounds is nothing,” so I’m especially impressed that you’re willing to work at getting it “just right.” I want to do that too, but I’ve got a long way to go yet!

  8. Well, I’m at 25/0.6/23 which wasn’t a great week but at least it’s in the right direction. Would appreciate your prayers as I leave Friday to visit my daughter for 8 days (she’s turning 30). Trying to figure out how to celebrate wisely.

    • Congratulations! I think any loss is great, and over a half a pound is better than I’m hoping for on a weekly basis!

      I will definitely pray especially for you during your vacation. My trip to Disney was very concerning, but I was amazed that by just refusing starches and desserts I actually lost, even though I was able to enjoy many good things…more than I thought I could and still lose. The running around after kids (if your daughter has any) mght help…. 🙂

  9. Oh what a struggle! Since I travel for my job, I eat out all the time… it is so difficult to eat right with so many choices/temptations… but also more necessary than ever as I’ve had a continual creep up the scale. I also drive about 4 hours a day so I’m very sedentary. I am not sure about the ratio this week, as my scale gave me about 8 different readings and they varied widely (battery or new scale?)! I think I’m 10/.5/9.5

    • Good work, Bonnie! Eating out is one of my hardest challenges, too. 😦 It’s so hard to resist trying something unusual, but that usually means something that looks yummy (read that “high cal”), since that’s what most people love. I have a very sedentary life style too (sitting at my desk all morning), so empathize. It’s really hard to find the time and energy to constantly make good choices and keep working out, isn’t it? Are you and Bren still walking? I am praying for you!

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