Sammy at 34 Weeks: Double Delight

www.putteringinthegarden.comHave you ever seen a “Double Delight” rose? Each is a unique creation bursting with heaven-scent aroma and  shaded with swirls of cream dipped in ruby red. Samuel 34 weeks So, when I heard that Baby Samuel has now doubled his weight, it made me think of those delicate beauties…but he’s really even so much more of a delight!! Dan, Brianna, and SamuelSamuel has really been making great strides this week! He’s now weighing in at 3 pounds, 4 oz. of wide-eyed wonder.Samuel with CPAP He’s also off his CPAP & only needs it if he gets too worn out after nursing care. Dan and Brianna Holding SamuelThis makes it possible for Brianna to hold and comfort Samuel “just like a regular baby!” (Before she had to hold almost breathlessly still and make sure his CPAP and tubes stayed exactly in place.) SamuelThe other wonderful news is that the NICU has lifted the ban on visitors! Our family just returned from vacationing in Florida,  so my son Joel (who’s never gotten to see him yet) and I are running right over to the hospital! Counting up all these blessings, I guess that makes Baby Samuel a quadruple delight!

Thank you for your continued interest and prayers! His due date was February 18 (Alan and my 42 anniversary), and I’m beginning to be hopeful that he might be able to come home in time to celebrate with us!

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick: but when the desire comes,
it is a tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12).

One response to “Sammy at 34 Weeks: Double Delight

  1. Awesome news. thank you for sharing. The verse you chose summed everything up beautifully. I’ll continue to pray for Samuel and all of you.

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