A Few of My Favorite Birds (21): Flaming Flamingo Filter


Flamingo on 1 footWhat’s pink, bigger than a bread box, and likes to stand on one leg? Flamingos and Hippos  You guessed it! Was it easy? Although there are no flamingos in my backyard, Flamingo and Iris they are one of my favorite birds, as demonstrated by the fact that my grand kids like them. Well, also, they were the first bird I ever tried to draw. And, why not? Baby with flamingos For those of us who (like me) might be a bit artistically challenged, flamingos are one bird you can draw and people will always guess right. “Oh, you drew a flamingo! How nice!” Very affirming, unlike the baffled responses to crude drawings of little brown birds that might have been 1 of a 1000 birds…or maybe it was a bunny, or a toad, or a ??? Flamingo Profile At any rate, is there any other bird almost as big as Big Bird only pink (or orange, depending on how much carotene they ingest)…with a neck as long as a snake, Flamingo Close up a schnoz bigger than Groucho Marx’s, Flamingos + 1.29.14 and one-legged balancing skills superior even to a Novoflex  QLEG C 1-quadropod 4-section carbon fiber tripod? (What, you don’t carry one?!) Flamingos. ReubenEverybody loves a good flamingo, right? They’re even Bahamas’ national bird. Beautiful flamingo feathersFlamingos have exquisite plumage, Flamingos stretching and it’s my personal opinion that the wildly popular Spanish “flamenco” dance Flamingo spreading wingswas based on the mating displays of flamingos, although nobody will stick their neck out enough to say it’s definitively true. 6.18.14One of my grandsons was willing to make a definitive statement about how they smell, however! Flamingos Color copyIn tropical areas, flamingos live in large colonies, Two flamingosalthough they also form strong bonds with their mates. Flamingos having funAnd, even though they stick out like sore thumbs, Group of flamingos demo there are good reasons why God made them with their distinctive characteristics.Flamingo+ 1.29.14Their long necks are ideal for self-cleaning and for reaching down into the water Bright orange flamingos…or for grazing for bugs and seeds in the grass. Flamingo Pool+6 11.14.14Flamingos are wading birds, so their long legs help them traverse deep water Flamingoes feeding in grassand their wide, webbed feet are ideal for balancing on land or sea. 2 Flamingos standing on 1 legThere propensity for standing on one leg may be a means of preserving heat, Flamingos feedingand their strangely angled black beaks are perfectly designed for digging through mud and filtering out tasty tidbits (like brine shrimp) from useless silt. Flamingos eating(Of course, sometimes flamingos have their dinner served on wooden platters.) Flamingos reflected in poolAnd here I want to stop for a little reflection. Flamingos eatingAccording to folklore, we should learn from flamingos how to filter things out of our life…to discard what is useless and keep what is beneficial. Flamingoes WalkingI like that! I need to remember the “flamingo filter” principle when it comes to cleaning house, eating, using the internet…and lots of other things!Flamingo in Garden RoomDid you know that many Americans have this thing for decorating with flamingos? We keep one in our garden room to make us feel all warm & tropical! White PoinsettaMaybe our flaming flamingo can also help us remember to filter all the junk out of our lives and keep only what’s pure and beneficial!

Carol  Roeda Studios“Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: this this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:13-14).

2 responses to “A Few of My Favorite Birds (21): Flaming Flamingo Filter

  1. Hi Kathi, one more factoid: they are very long-lived (at least when living at the Adelaide Zoo): http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-31/adelaide-zoo27s-83-year-old-flamingo-put-down/5230258

    • Thanks for adding this information! I’d read about your flamingo in my research but wasn’t sure how to add that fact in…maybe something like…if we filter out the “junk” we’ll live longer, like these delightful birds?

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