The Savior’s Quest

Mike with Game BoardMichael masterminded an adventure game to play with his kids Anointing E for task while he was on paternity leave.  Notes for adventure game He developed it with inspiration from all his years of dreaming up Conjuringimaginary worlds and playing video games like Ultima IV. Toast  It’s called The Savior’s QuestChild working with Father and it’s rooted in a desire to help his kids understand Dressed to kill? and develop some of the major virtues, Colored Glasses like compassion, honesty, and justice. The Savior's Quest His children (and later the kids’ two closest friends also)10620639_10101471285533797_3180007572817802170_n became heroines and heroes in a world full of dragons and trolls, Armory where the kids had to fight evil to overcome it with good Light show…aided by wisdom from various prophets and sages along the way. Glowing Potion Although Michael reserved many mysterious surprises Fire Surprise to add excitement day by day, Making Action Figures he also let all of us help create Game pieces some of the “action figures” Game Boardand allowed the children to choose where they’d go and what they’d explore next on the game board. Practicing Moves The kids were totally enthralled, DSC01839 and although they knew it was just a game, Father and Daughter Swordfight they responded with all seriousness to each challenge, Soldier Trying out weapon somehow taking on the very character of  their costumes Dressed for Battle…daring fair maidens and deadly brave warriors, Sword and pillow fight fighting tooth and nail as if their foam swords were silver cutlasses, Journalingjealously guarding their secrets, Skeleton Keys and treasuring their skeleton keys like gold pieces. Children listening soberly to their father Their eyes were wide and sober as they listened to instructions, Scary exploration and they clutched at one another’s arms for support Boy with lantern and shiel while carrying their lanterns through the dark. Three Children I will be curious to know how much the kids remember about the virtues they discovered, Whirling Dervish but I am certain that they’ll never forget the thrill of adventuring together Talking to townfolk through a strange world where their stuffed animals served as villagers Father and Son swordfight  and their father was alternately a dangerous head master Father instructing children or prophetic sage. Talking to Townspeople I am also sure the game bonded their family together very tightly  during the hard transition of caring for another new baby, Mother with baby giving Grace a little more breathing room Ready to Fight! and the baby more freedom to enjoy his mama’s undivided attention
…at least for a little while at times. 🙂Father with infant son What an inventive way to occupy the children! Young warrior The Savior’s Quest will live in our hearts forever, Father as King along with—I’m hoping—a huge amount of enthusiasm and awe for their father’s leadership. Game Pieces Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that God has designed 535924_10101472494291437_7717746316256563131_n an ingenious adventure for each of us, Board with Game Pieces full of scary challenges, deadly battles, mysteries, wisdom, and cliff-hanging suspense? Mike holding Game board and pieces If we’ll let him lead us, we’ll come through just like Mike’s kids did: Family with lanternsbonded closely to our Father and our family, Mother with new baby and son not too jealous of those around us, Showing Armor and fully occupied with The Savior’s Quest for each of us—to become virtuous children of the King who are willing to fight hard to overcome evil with good.Treasure in Game“Make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge, and knowledge with self control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness, and godliness with brother affection, and brotherly affection with love.”
(2 Peter 1:5-7, ESV Bible)

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