The Armstrong Archives (107): The Flu Bug Tries to Spoil Christmas

Wednesday, December 9, 1981  We were very excited to hear that you might be coming for Christmas; we all hope everything works just perfectly so you can!Family Portrait with Parents + GPEnclosed is a picture—one of the proofs from our sitting.  I think it’s beautiful and I want to keep it. Do you like it too? Would you like to have some prints made to send to friends and family, or a print to keep yourselves? Tell me what you want and I can get them. Or, you can wait until Christmas and see everything and decide then. Aaron's Kindergarten ClassLast night was Aaron’s Christmas program at Faithway. It was just grand, and everybody sang so lustily. We took Aaron out for a hamburger afterwards. He also got his second report card—all A’s and O’s (for “Outstanding”) except on B+ in hand writing and an S (satisfactory) in music. They not only grade academic subjects, but such things as” “Is courteous, Obeys quickly, Works well independently,” etc. On the back the teacher commented on how much she enjoys having Aaron! We were all very happy about that!!

Friday morning, December 18, 1981 Hi! Just a note to let you know that as of this moment, we are all feeling well and nobody has a cold.

Aaron has already left for school and a nice party there (his last day). Alan is on “Super Call” today, so we won’t see him until tomorrow. JJ is still sleeping, and MM is eating his fourth slice of toast and jam. We’re going shopping as soon as Jolly Jon Jacque wakes up.

It’s a glorious, sunny morning with about two inches of fresh snow everywhere. The Christmas tree is all a-twinkle with lights and presents. Mikey picked it out, Aaron chopped it down, and the three boys totally decorated it. (Well, after they went to sleep, I rearranged things just a little. JJ wanted to put most of his ornaments in one patch at the front of the tree!)

We will be eagerly watching for you on Tuesday, and we’ll have a good, hot dinner waiting (unless there’s a big storm and we hear otherwise)!! 1981 Christmas Kathi with kidsWednesday, December 23, 1981 Wow! Thanks for the gifts! No wonder Rob likes you to send candy!! I just made cookies and peanut butter fudge this year, but when I’ve tried to make the other kinds, it hasn’t turned out as professional looking and yummy as yours.

We had about four inches of thick, soft snow fall last night. It was just beautiful. Alan and I sat up for a long time watching the snow fall and all the twinkley tree lights glow. He spent the whole evening teasing me because he said he missed having Dad to hurl abuse at! What a rascal! Building a SnowmanThe snow was thick on everything this morning. The boys and I built a snowman and shoveled the walks, then we went sledding. About six neighbor children invited themselves along, but it turned out just fine. Everybody was good about taking turns and rolled in the snow and threw snowballs while they waited.

Tuesday, December 29, 1981 Thanks for all the presents! Alan and Aaron built a really nice airplane ride from the erector set. It is pretty hard for little fingers. In FACT, Alan says it’s challenging for him, but they had a lot of fun working together. Aaron built the airplanes and Alan built the platform and crank shaft.

Alan’s getting better. Today we’ve had a constant stream of people in [mostly neighbor children who loved to play at our house], and I started to get very harried, so Aaron just put a sign on our door. “No coming in except members of our family.” Maybe I’ll at least get this letter done before someone comes! Thanks again!! We miss you. Aaron's Rainbow-colored Lorikeet[This letter was written on paper decorated by Aaron of a rainbow-colored lorikeet with AARON printed on the picture. Michael's pictureAlso, Michael included a crayon drawing of “Grandma and Grandpa” with “Michael” spelled backwards, but so neatly that it hardly seems like it could have been his handwriting…]





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