MSU’s Golden Gala: Happy Endings


Wharton Center, E. Lansing. MSULast weekend Alan and I went to the Wharton Center in East Lansing Playbill to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of MSU’s School of Human Medicine. Aerial view of the MSU Marching Band.When I was little, my dad taught at Michigan State,  and we lived right across the street from the main entrance to the campus. My brother, sister, and I used to play at the construction site where they were expanding the Spartan Stadium. (Don’t tell; I think it might have been off-limits, but my sister and I pretty much followed Wolle anywhere on a hike or adventure when we were young.) DSC00020 I could not have imagined that nearly 60 years later I’d be married to an associate professor at MSU… or that the Spartans would become the 2014 Rose Bowl champs the year one of our sons earned 2 M.A. degrees there, or that
MSU would grow to be the nation’s seventh largest university… Sparty with a Stethoscope…or that in 1964 they’d start a school of Human Medicine and I’d be invited to their Golden Gala celebration 50 years later! Lou Anna Simon Both MSU’s President Simon Marsha Rappley

and the medical school’s Dean Rappley mentioned how the university had been “blessed” over the years, and I appreciated their emphasis on using the gifts we’ve been given to serve and care for others. Amen! A happy ending, indeed, although it’s really just the ending of the first chapter in an exciting story that I hope will have many more chapters with happy endings.

Strolling Dinner Beyond the fun of a strolling dinner with an incredibly large selection One Menu of truly memorable foods, Evening Agenda the special entertainment was provided by Broadway’s Tony-Award-Winning Sutton Fostersinger and actress, Sutton Foster, who came on stage wearing Sutton Foster in a Medical Lab Coat a white medical lab coat and spent an hour charming us with a concert of powerful, poignant, and playful love songs. DSC00031We were totally enchanted, but I also found myself feeling the highs and lows of human love relationships. Sutton Foster in Concert

Have you ever appreciated the fact that worship songs are always totally uplifting? They always make me feel happy and high! God loves us forever. God never walks off and leaves us, or cheats on us, or teases us, or breaks our hearts. We fail Him, and we can sometimes turn our backs on Him or walk off and leave Him. We may cheat or be unfaithful, but He never is. He may be angry with us when we sin, but he is compassionate and forgiving when we repent. Loving God and trusting Him is the one love story that always has a happy ending, because when we come to Him by faith and entrust our lives to Him, He promises that some day He will take us home to be with him and all our troubles and tribulations will be over. In the end, everything will be more than worth it all— everything will be unbelievably wonderful! Praise God for happy endings!

“In overflowing anger for a moment I hid my face from you, but with everlasting love I will have compassion on you, says the Lord, your Redeemer.”
(Isaiah 54:8)
[Aerial view of the Spartan Stadium from Wikipedia]

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