The Armstrong Archives (103): Fun for Kindergarten and Triple Birthdays

1981 Aaron + MikeWednesday, September 30, 1981 Well, we’ve finally conquered yet another round of colds, ear infections, and croup. It seems someone is always sick! You’d think we don’t live right, but I don’t know what to do differently to get the kids any more germ-resistant.

School’s going just fine for Aaron. He now has an extended repertoire of songs and poems, etc. to tell Jon (and Mike) as he drifts off to sleep. Tonight he was even telling Jon the Pledge of Allegiance.

Did I tell you about Aaron’s Wonder Book? I got him a notebook when he started school for questions and ideas. He draws pictures to remind himself, and then after school we look up the answers to his questions—so far mostly from the encyclopedias. It is a great tradition…our “homework” [It was just my idea, not really from the school], and even Michael enjoys it. You’ll have to look at it when you come. I’m learning fully as much as the boys. It’s very exciting! Legos. Little Giant JonIt’s been cold and rainy here—but little do we care since we’ve just been sitting inside playing legos and listening to stories. I’ve been busy taping stories. The boys are hot to have all the Pooh Bear stories taped. Right now we’re doing some simple ones: Dr. Seuss, Curious George, and Babar…which may not have even been popular when you were reading to small boys. I’ve also solicited for some help from Boris Karloff and have a couple of records of him reading Kipling’s Just So Stories. The boys have gotten into poetry a little lately too. They just loved Milne’s When We Were Very Young and Now We are Six, so I’m going to try them on Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses tomorrow. We went to both the Main Library and our Loving Branch today, and I had just gone a couple of days ago. Aaron has scheduled “a walk in the woods, legos, and a lot of reading” for his birthday, so I wanted to BE PREPARED! Aaron's 6th BirthdaySaturday we’re going to have a birthday party for both boys, and Saturday night Alan is going to take me out for dinner for my birthday. Aaron requested that we all go to the Ponderosa Friday night and have cheesecake for his birthday. (I could hardly have thought of a better plan myself!) Alan agreed to take us, so I lucked out! Nice to have a son with similar tastes. [Aaron and I share a birthday, so it’s been fun over the years to celebrate almost all our birthdays together!]Aaron's Birthday 1981Michael wants a chocolate cake with flowers and rocket ships. He’s really growing! Jacques was an awful crab last week with his cold. He’s developing quite a spicy personality and becomes more of a ham every day. He’s so lovable though, that we all forgive him his antics. [As I’m transcribing this bit of info, I have on my computer desktop a wild picture of about a 27-year-old Jon with a dew rag on his head and his Saturday night live crazy stance! Some things never change!] I’ll call when I know what we’re doing. MIke's 4th Birthday



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