The Best of the Best for a Marquette Morning

DSCN7488Joel was born in Marquette (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula), so it was just natural that he had a hankering for one last trip north before leaving for Boston this fall. Sunrise on Lake SuperiorAlan drove through the night while Stephen, Joel, and I slept peacefully in the motor home, Sunrise Picnic Rocks and by the time we awoke, the sun was just rising behind Picnic Rocks. Breakfast at Big BoyWe knew that trying to stuff all our favorite things into one day was going to be challenging, but we started with breakfast at the Big Boy. (I worked many a summer at a Big Boy in the Soo during high school and college.) Top of Sugar Loaf, MIHaving fortified ourselves for adventures, we climbed straight to the top of Sugar Loaf Mt. (which I noticed is rated #1 of 12 attractions in Marquette, both by Trip Advisor and by us). Lake Superior from Sugar LoafThe views were spectacular! We watched the morning sun splashing silver Wetmore Landing from Sugar Loafall across the vast Lake Superior coastline. Sugar Loaf, MIIt was a perfect summer day, and we all relished drinking in the vistas. Hogback Mt.To the west of Sugar Loaf stands Hogback Mountain, the highest peak in the area Climbing Hogback Mt.and a serious hiking adventure the kids have enjoyed since earliest childhood. Hogsback Mt. from Sugar LoafIf we’d had another day, we’d have climbed, but with only one day to savor,  Wetmore Landing we decided to hit the beach just below us at Wetmore Landing instead.  Picking Sugar Plums Before heading down, however, we stopped to pick some “Sugar Plums” Sugar plums (also known as Service berries, but we prefer the more romantic title). DSCN6216Stephen and Joel headed down the fast and furious way, scrambling over rocks, Stairs down Sugarloafbut Alan and I took the tried and true path using (many) handy-dandy staircases. Strolling on beachBy the time we hit the beach, the guys were definitely ready for a stroll Playing on Rocksand a good swim, Lake Superior Coastlinebut Alan and I had countless memories of hiking the North Country Trail here, Jumping off rocksso we left our guys jumping off the rocks Hiking along Wetmore Landingand headed into the woods, as we’ve done so many times before. FireweedThe path wends its way through sun-dappled woodlands along the coast… Wetmore Landing Trailthrough glorious stands of fragrant red pines Birches along North Country Trail and beautiful white paper birches. Lake Superior's Clear Water The water is cold but crystal clear.Wetmore Landing, MIThere are many quiet coves for picnicking, Thimbleberries. Rubus parviflorusJPGand the thimble berries were just ripening, so there were lots of free snacks! Blue-bead LilyOf course, you’d better know what you’re doing before you pick wild berries. Clintonia borealisBlue-bead lilies look tempting, but they’re poisonous…wild white berriesand what about these beauties? Know what these are? Toad stoolThe fact is, there are all sorts of edible and inedible plants around, and as I mentioned yesterday, some are life-giving…but others are deadly! Wetmore Landing trailHappily, we didn’t eat anything poisonous…’cause if we don’t know for a fact it’s safe, we just don’t even try! North Country Trail Also, we didn’t get lost on our trip because the North Country Trail is an old, well-marked path that we’ve traveled many times.Guys on Rocks. Wetmore LandingOur guys had lots of safe fun too, because they were careful about where they jumped (although I had a friend who was killed in high school when he dove into Lake Superior head first). RootsIn all, it was a glorious morning on our “roots” tour…Lake Superior Water Playbut then, it was time for lunch, and it’s time for me to make dinner, so I’ll have to tell you about our afternoon adventures “next time!”

“Thus saith the Lord, ‘Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls’.” (Jeremiah 6:16).

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  1. Lovely scenery Kathi! Thanks for sharing.

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