Zip-to da-Zoo-Dah

Baby Boy

Kathy called last week to see if we wanted to join her family at the John Ball Zoo. DSCN6963It was a perfect day, & Stephen could come too, so we zipped right off to dah zoo! DSCN6969The kids love watching the animals, but I enjoy watching the kids just as much. Monkey sitting on bankAnd, of course, the animals like watching the all the crazy people too! DSCN6973One of the special delights is watching Iris’s understanding grow and change. Fish reflected in glassThis time she understood the shadowy image that was lurking behind the glass. DSCN6975What is he doing? Is he trying to talk like this? Is he a fish like we eat?? DSCN6979Oliver’s almost 1. He doesn’t see the fish, and he has no clue what a fish is,
but he sees his reflection in the glass, and that fascinates him! Budgie feedingOliver sees the budgies, but when they try to eat, he wants to touch them. Feeding budgiesIris has it all figured out and knows you have to hold very still to feed a budgie. Feeding a budgieBeing a big girl now (2), she’s even learning how to let them sit right on her stick. Petting ZooIris has learned that if you’re quiet and gentle, the lambs are safe to pet, Petting sheepbut Olie isn’t at all sure what to make of a great big lamb that bellows “Baaaa!”ChickenNow, chickens are more Oliver’s speed and a somewhat less intimidating size…Olie with Chicken but they’re way too cagey and experienced DSCN7081to be apprehended by such a little tyke. Cotton CandyHaving lost his prey under the table, Oliver decides to climb aboard Eating cotton candyand see if there might be a little smackerel of something yummy for elevensies. DSCN7108Now Oliver is full again, but he just can’t figure out why everybody is so excited! OttersThe otters in this exhibit move so fast he can’t follow their antics… Turtles on a logand the turtles in this exhibit virtually never move at all.
So…is there really anything to see? What’s the fascination with the old folks?DSCN7115Iris can’t really pick out the four turtles either, but she likes feeling the mock-up. DSCN7119The most impressive animals this trip are the bears, who are very active. Grizzly BearIris thinks the bears look cuddly and keeps asking if she can ride one. Grizzly Bear. waterfallShe doesn’t know about long claws and sharp teeth, but it’s okay. She’s safe with her parents, and I’m sure when she’s big enough to understand, they’ll explain! Oliver+K Ready for Disney!Watching the kids makes me think of how we learn about God in the Bible. DSCN7162At first, nothing much makes sense to us at all! Like a fast chicken, Romans is too hard, and like a slow turtle, books like Leviticus and Numbers…well, what?? DSCN7156As we get a little older, we begin to get curious and want to learn more. Eagle+ 8.28.14We read about captivity and freedom, DSCN7155and lurking danger. Monarch. 8.28.14JPGWe learn about the God of grace and beauty who created the world and loves us, Black-eyed Susans+ 8.28.14and we long for the quiet rest He promises to those who put their trust in Him. Light in Darkness. WetSome passages are almost impenetrable, DSCN7170which is why it’s so important to have spiritual mentors in our lives who love us DSCN7171and will do their best to train us and help us grow up!

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
To him be glory both now and for ever.”
(2 Peter 3:18)

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