Tumbling Tumalo Falls

Forest Fire Damage Deschutes National ForestIt’s just been two months since the Two Bulls fire raged through Deschutes Damage from Forest FireNational Forest, burning 6,000 acres of pristine woodland near Bend, Oregon, and my sister Annie warned me that Tumalo Falls might have been badly damaged by the fires. IMG_9813 Still, my husband, brother, son Joel, and I decided to hike there, figuring that the water fall would still be falling at any rate!  Fire damageAlthough there were signs of fire damage (possibly from the fire in 2003),  Tumalo Falls Tumalo Falls was surprisingly lush, and  many wild flowers were blooming! Tumalo Falls Viewing Platform Tumalo Falls is an easy quarter-mile hike from the parking lot to the viewing platform, Deschutes National Forest trail to Tumalo Falls and if you take a left-turn (toward the falls) on your way down, Tumalo Falls Path to Base there’s another path that leads to the base of the falls Tumalo Falls 97' Plunge where you can smell the water and feel the rush Tumalo Falls 3 as it plunges nearly 100′ downward into the valley below.  Steep, muddy path to falls The path is steep, rocky, muddy Path to Tumalo Falls and not fenced, so it wouldn’t be safe for children, Alan and Kathi at Tumalo Falls but it’s a lovely byway—well worth the effort! Upstream of Tumalo Falls What we didn’t know until later was that you can continue upward of Tumalo Falls for another 1.25 miles & see “Middle Tumalo Falls,” a 2-tiered 65′ cascade, Tumalo Creek and that for the adventurous, there are several more falls along Tumalo Creek! White wildflower, Oregon It occurred to me that so often I fail to study enough, so I don’t even know about nine-tenths of what’s available, and of those things I do learn something about, Pink Wildflowers I probably miss half (or nine-tenths) of what I could have experienced. Tumalo Creek flowers Part of the limits in life are time, but part of them are also a failure to be curious,  Red Columbineto study, to learn, and to expend the energy to explore. IMG_9859 There is a sense in which “a taste is as good as a feast,” but what a tragedy if we don’t even know what the possibilities are! IMG_9827 And, the physical world is not the end of reality, it’s just the beginning! IMG_9839 There is an entire universe of spiritual experiences available to us as well. IMG_9872 Did you know that 99% of Americans (when surveyed) say they are “spiritual?” 92% say they believe in God. White wildflower Are you part of the 1% who resist every possible spiritual experience? I hope not! FireweedGod is near us; He loves us; He created all the natural beauty we see and all the spiritual beauty—which is far greater but can only be experienced through our spirits. Indian Paintbrush May the Lord bless us each with a deep experience of God, his person, his presence, and his great love for us! Tumalo Falls 4God “made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth…and has made of one blood all nations…that they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us: for in him we live, and move, and have our being” (Acts 17: 24-28).

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  1. Kathi, thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts from Bend, Oregon, during your recent family reunion in that area. Makes me want to go there too!!

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