White Water Rafting on the Mighty McKenzie

McKenzie River White Water During our family reunion in Bend, we had a wonderfully fun adventure white water rafting down the picturesque McKenzie River in Oregon. Watershed. McKenzie River  The McKenzie River is the watershed for 1,300 square miles of the Cascade Mountain Range and is the outflow of Clear Lake, a uniquely fascinating lake for McKenzie River 2scuba diving enthusiasts, because submerged 100′ below the surface of its icy waters is an almost perfectly preserved stand of trees thought to have been killed some 3,000 years ago when a volcanic eruption created the lake. Mt. Washington Clear Lake is also unusual because its fed mostly by snow melt from Mount Washington that has percolated through underground caverns for some twenty years before eventually seeping into the lake. Majestic McKenzie River Rafting Talk about a good water purifying system! 🙂 McKenzie River Clear Waters The water of the McKenzie River is so clear, cold, and delicious that it’s pretty much the source of water for the entire city of Eugene, Oregon. Rocks in McKenzie River I suspect springtime would be the best time for a rollicking ride down the river rapids, but our early August trip was “JP” (just perfect) for our motley crew of 8-year-old (I think the lower limit) to 75-year-old explorers! Eight on a water raft McKenzie River Eight eager skippers clambered aboard each of the three large rafts. Our "River Rat" Guide Thankfully, every raft had a young, tale-telling, nature-loving “river rat” guide Rowing Together on McKenzie who crowed commands, Water fight on McKenzie River created excitement by instigating water fights during peaceful moments, River Rat guiding boat and deftly delivered us to our destination, Hitting Rock in River our brains bursting with adrenalin Rafting on the McKenzie and brimming over with excitement…Scenic Splendor of McKenzie River and crystal-clear memories of the scenic splendor!Jumping in the McKenzie River Those who were brave enough were given a chance to “go jump in the river,” taking a slid and a tumble before swimming out of the icy, cold waters to safety.Watching people jump in the river I noticed that none of the 60+ set actually took the guides up on this offer…  Rafting on the McKenzie River 2 not that it would have made too much difference, since we were all soaked to the skin anyway!Luakana Fall, Hawaii  (I loved sliding down the waterfalls in Hawaii with Mike’s family last year, but the water temperature was probably a good 45+° colder in the McKenzie… )Soaked in the McKenzie River Thankfully, it was a cloudless, 92°day, so once the savages in the other rafts stopped splashing (well, we might have splashed just a little too), we quickly dried off enough to feel the perfect mixture of warm and chilly…an exhilarating way to spend a hot day! McKenzie River White Water Rafting In all, I think it was the adventure highlight for possibly everybody in our family. Group of White Water Rafters There’s nothing like a bonding “fight for your life” to create grinning comrades, The Victors & there was wild celebration among the “champions” who made it 1st into port! Raft on McKenzie River“Behold, how good & how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”(Psalm 133:1)

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun my friend.

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