The Armstrong Archives (96): A Happy Spring

 Jonathan in basket[Postage stamps went from 15 to 18 cents starting with this letter] Tuesday, 4/21/ 81 The big boys are outside playing ball with three of the neighbor boys. I am absolutely thrilled with our new neighbors. Did I mention to you that there are now five Christian families in our court with moms who don’t work outside the home, and all of whom have boys between the ages of one and five? Talk about answers to prayer!

Yesterday I unpacked and did the wash with the help of Rachel Tripp (nine months), and Mark (4) and Annie (19 months) Grieshaber. Not only that, I got all the laundry done, too. Normally just doing the laundry keeps me busy, but I guess it was a good example of the Lord providing grace for what He orders.

The weather has been really cool, low 60°s, but the sky is bright blue, and it makes me feel cheerful and hopeful that spring is indeed coming. That is helpful since Alan is back on the wards and as busy as ever; he’s working four of the next six nights…most depressing! Life is so nice when he’s around enough to be part of the family. I suppose it’s better to get along and never be together than it is to never get along and be together.

By the way, do you know any good jokes about mothers? I’m supposed to be the M.C. at our church’s annual Mother’s Day Banquet, and you know how “humorous” I am!!! I only know about two jokes. Why didn’t I inherit Dad’s sense of humor? I guess we can’t get everything, so I’ll just be content with inheriting good looks, intelligence, poise, charm compassion… (just practicing)!1981 Spring Disney TripLet’s see, Jonathan has joined me, and it’s getting hard to type. Maybe I’d better quit and fix supper. Thanks a million again. It was just great to have Mom go to Florida with us, and Alan enjoyed both her and the visit with Dad just as much as I did. He really takes you for his own parents too, and he derives quite a sense of security in knowing there is somebody “out there” who loves us just as we love you.

Wednesday, May 6, 1981 Hi! How are you? Thanks for all your jokes. We used most of them for the banquet—in fact, I had fourteen pages of jokes, and we all had great fun! Alan even babysat the boys and gave me a flower to wear. The speaker and special music were also really good, and I think everybody was glad they went. Wish I could have taken Mom too.

How many days left for Dad? Are you planning any kind of a honeymoon to celebrate? Not very many couples make it to your state: retired, healthy, and financially stable. Great job! I hope you have another thirty good years to celebrate.

I heard one—speaking of making it to 95. A newpaper interviewed a man on his 105th birthday. “Do you still like girls?” “Yes…but I don’t remember why!”

This morning about fifteen women and thirty kids got together for a surprise birthday party for Linda Grieshaber. I just love living here!

Saturday we put in our garden: spinach, peas, beans, radishes, tomatoes, onions, peppers, egg plants, zucchini, summer squash, and along the side and front a variety of flowers. Alan said it was so satisfying to plant everything that it was worth the money for seeds even if nothing grows!

Well, Mark and several other little boys have been over playing. It’s raining out, so they came in to play in the sandbox. I think they’ve found and rearranged every toy in the house, so I’d better get to work cleaning up before Alan gets home and can’t walk through the living room.


2 responses to “The Armstrong Archives (96): A Happy Spring

  1. Jon’s baby picture looks just like Sophie. They must be related 😉

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