Unseen Growth Part 2: The Story of Jongi

FireplaceWhen Jon and Gerlinde were first married, they lived with us for awhile, and during that time they bought a little philodendron. When the moved to Washington State, they bequeathed the plant to me, and as I am a plant lover and dreadfully sentimental, I named the plant “Jongi” (for “Jon”+ “Gi,” because Jonathan sometimes calls Gerlinde “Gigi” for short). Jongi sits atop the fireplace in our bedroom and has grown into a veritable jungle of lush, sprawling vines.

Philodendron shootAbout a week ago I noticed something really strange. Can you see it? -5From the woodwork above the window ledge, a delicate leaf was forming…DSCN5115and before long, it began to unfurl!Philodendron growing through crackI  guessed that the vine had wedged itself along the top of the window frame DSCN5125 and was an offshoot from highest vine, even though I couldn’t see it. DSCN5119But, I was wrong! There was no trace of a vine growing along the top board. DSCN5123Where in the world had that leaf come from? Ahh…I finally found a tiny vineDSCN5124that had worked its way under the boards & traveled a good 3 feet in the dark! DSCN5126

Do you ever feel like you’re in the dark and not sure what you’re doing, even though you’re doing everything you know how to do? I sure do! Lord, if we’re doing the right thing even during times when we’re afraid we may have lost our way, would You please remind us of this little philodendron tendril and   encourage us to “keep on keepin’ on,” knowing that someday, if You’re willing, we’ll find the light and come out right-side-up on top again? Thank You! Ivy Growing“For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light” (Psalm 36:9).

(Don’t know how long I’ll be without my photo library, but it may be a week! Meanwhile, the post on bluejays is half done, awaiting renewed ability to download the rest of the pictures. 🙂 My normal blogging pattern will resume when time and photos meet again, but know that I am praying daily for you.)

2 thoughts on “Unseen Growth Part 2: The Story of Jongi

    1. Not at all, but God has always been kind. We’ve had lots of disasters with gardening, too. I figure Jongi is special because she represents our (yours and mine) kids!

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